Croatian FM Accused of “Violence” for Kissing Oozing Tub of Lard Baerbock on the Cheek


This is funny.

Did the dude not see what just happened to poor Luis Rubiales?

Silly kisses are not allowed at all, ever. This has been iron law for like, several months.


Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic-Radman has been accused of “violence” and not knowing diplomatic protocol after an awkward attempt to kiss his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock.

The incident, clips of which went viral on social media, occurred during a group photo of the participants of an EU ministerial meeting in Berlin on Thursday.

Cameras caught Grlic-Radman, 65, grabbing Baerbock, 42, by the hand and then apparently trying to kiss her, with the German minister moving away and avoiding his lips.

German tabloid Bild labeled the episode “a smooch attack” on Baerbock by her Croatian colleague. According to the outlet, she “turned away at lightning speed” in order not to be kissed.

I’ve watched the video, and I’m not sure that’s what happened. It looks to me like he was going for the cheek.

What I can tell you for sure is that Baerbock giggled in a flirty way. She is fat and middle-aged and is definitely not getting a lot of male attention. I’m sure it was an exciting moment for her.

Bild claimed that the embarrassing situation occurred because Grlic-Radman had been late for the photo, arriving after all the other ministers had already exchanged kisses. Members of Baerbock’s team told the paper that what happened was just “a clumsy attempt to greet each other quickly.”


She’s not calling it rape.

Maybe she will, when the machine shifts into high gear and she realizes it is beneficial to her to do interviews crying.

I will say: German women have not climbed on the metoo wagon, and it’s possible that even unbelievable cunts like Baerbock consider it a violation of their dignity.

We shall see.