Huge Berlin Protest Against Child-Murdering Jew Terrorists


This is literally illegal in Germany.

Because of the Holocaust.


Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday demanding an end to Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza. Local authorities have heavily restricted pro-Palestine protests.

Some 6,000 people marched in the German capital, the DPA press agency reported, although some leftist groups involved in organizing the rally claimed that more than five times that number took part.

Video footage shot by RT showed crowds holding Palestinian flags and placards reading “stop the genocide,” “how many kids have to die?” and “ceasefire now.”

Berlin and other German cities responded to the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war by banning all pro-Palestine demonstrations. Several illegal protests were held in Berlin, with 65 police officers injured and 174 protesters arrested at a rally that turned violent in the city in late October.

The ban has since been relaxed, with authorized demonstrations permitted. Expressions of support for Hamas or other militant groups, as well as slogans deemed anti-Semitic or anti-Israel are forbidden at these officially sanctioned rallies. German federal law also prohibits the glorification of violence and the burning of the Israeli flag.

On Thursday, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced a ban on all pro-Hamas activity and dissolved the German branch of Samidoun, a group that organizes pro-Palestine rallies in Europe and the US. Faeser accused Samidoun of holding “jubilant celebrations” when Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7.

The crackdown has been condemned by a group of more than 100 German Jewish intellectuals. In an open letter last month, the group accused police of using anti-Semitism as an excuse “to suppress legitimate and non-violent political expression, which may include criticism of Israel.”

The German establishment is threatening to deport anyone who supports Palestine.

It’s like… it’s like Videodrome-tier shit.

This “supports Hamas” thing is irrelevant.

Firstly, Hamas is a legitimate political and military organization. Its military activities are defensive in nature.

Nb4 “but they attacked and killed people” – please see “Israel is defending itself.”

It’s not possible to say Israel is acting in self-defense and Hamas isn’t.

Secondly, there is no way to distinguish support for Gazan civilians and the Gazan political and military authorities.

No one is flying Hamas flags. I’m thinking of getting one and wearing it as a cape while strolling, but no one else is doing that. So the support for Hamas is theoretical – you are trying to read people’s minds.

They should just say “we are just enforcing the existing ban on all criticism of the Jews which was enacted by the occupying American forces in 1945.”