Watch: Reuters Cameramen Take Bicycle Ride Through the Ruins of Gaza

These are brave cameramen.

Journalists are considered to be enemy combatants by the Jews. Doing a ride like this, you’ve only got like a 20% chance of not being murdered by Jews.


Before the Gaza war erupted, the tiny enclave run by the Palestinian militant group Hamas was impoverished and densely populated, but full of life — restaurants, shops, makeshift soccer pitches, universities and hospitals.

Six months after the conflict began, Reuters cameramen took bicycle rides along its ruined streets to gauge the destruction left by Israeli air strikes that have killed more than 33,000 people in retaliation for Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

The same scene played out on one road after another — pile after pile of rubble on each side in the strip, home to 2.3 million people who lack medicine, medical care and food in a deepening humanitarian crisis.

Many live in shelters or tent cities after moving from one part of the enclave to another to try to escape the relentless bombardment.

Movement along its quiet streets is limited. There are few signs of life. Men drive by on a motorbike. A young boy pushes a wheelbarrow along a dirt road past obliterated buildings through clouds of dirt. A mosque was not spared destruction.

On another, a man walks along with a sack of flour on his shoulder. Food is scarce in Gaza where Palestinians say attempting to secure supplies is a life or death scramble like the one that cost more than 100 Palestinians their lives in February trying to get food from an aid convoy. Israel said many were trampled to death in the chaos, while Gaza’s health authorities say Israeli troops opened fire on crowds.

It’s really the perfect image of Jewishness.

It’s a metaphor for what they do to everything they are allowed access to.

This is physical destruction, but it is not so different than the spiritual destruction they’ve done to white countries.