Las Vegas: Meth Woman Walks Up to Random Worker, Shoots Him to Death

Kayla Alery

Face tattoo meth women randomly murdering you is part and parcel of living in a utopia.

We had to liberate women and give them hard drugs and never arrest them in order to create this utopia. Sometimes they will kill you. And that’s okay.

New York Post:

A Las Vegas woman who previously claimed to be a 52-year-old man allegedly executed a worker sitting in his van in a random killing, according to authorities.

Kayla Alery, 27, who has been out on parole since December following an arson conviction, walked up to 41-year-old carpet cleaner Raul Cardoza and shot him in the neck while he and his brother were taking a break on March 26, according to court documents obtained by KLAS-TV.

Cops found a .45-caliber handgun in her waistband and “a bag containing purported methamphetamine,” police said.

It was not clear if Alery was high on methamphetamine at the time of the shooting, but witnesses said it appeared to have been a “completely unprovoked” attack, according to an arrest report.

While waiting to be booked on her latest charges, she punched another inmate who was cleaning up trays and trash in the open booking area, Fox 5 reported.

I don’t even think it’s a tranny. I’m pretty sure that’s just what meth does to a woman.

But we can’t put people in jail for being drug-addicted vagabonds. That violates the core principles of democracy.