Denmark Finally Approves Bill to Make Koran Burnings Illegal

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Look, I believe in freedom of speech.

But Denmark didn’t have freedom of speech. You couldn’t burn a rainbow flag, you couldn’t deny the Holocaust, you couldn’t burn the Talmud in front of a synagogue. You can’t even say “nigger.” They have a very strict censorship policy that applied to everything other than Islam (and, of course, Christianity).

Because everything but Koran burning was censored, it was effectively a state policy to promote Koran burnings. And indeed, it wasn’t just people going out and doing it – they were applying for, and being issued, permits by the state!


Denmark’s parliament passed a bill on Thursday that makes it illegal to burn copies of the Koran in public places, after protests in Muslim nations over the desecration of Islam’s holy book raised Danish security concerns.

Denmark and Sweden experienced a series of public protests this year where anti-Islam activists burned or otherwise damaged copies of the Koran, sparking tensions with Muslims and triggering demands that the Nordic governments ban the practice.

Denmark sought to strike a balance between contitutionally protected freedom of speech, including the right to criticise religion, and national security amid fears that Koran burnings would trigger attacks by Islamists.

Sweden, too, is considering ways to legally limit Koran desecrations but is taking a different approach than Denmark. It is looking into whether police should factor in national security when deciding on applications for public protests.

Flooding your country with Moslems and then declaring their religion to be evil is insane. It makes absolutely zero sense.

And that is still the policy.

The only reason they are banning these Koran burnings is that it’s obvious that if they keep doing it, someone is going to do something.