Department of Homeland Security Cuts Funding to Zionist Backed Antifa Terrorist

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017

Once you’re woke, you never go back to sleep. Many Leftists come to our camp, but the reverse is rare.

But all rules have exceptions, especially when you want to make some money.

Christian Picciolini is the former front man of the 1980s/90s RAC band “Final Solution.” He has used his brief experience as a Skinhead to team up with the Anti-Defamation League in a monetized crusade against “racism” worldwide (except in Israel) and Donald Trump. Life was sweet – the ADL hooked jackpot winner Picciolini up with lots of media promotion and a US State Department grant for $400,000.

Now the party is over. In May rumors began to swirl that deep state Antifa/Leftist groups like this would get their funding cut. The ADL went to bat for him but was ignored, so expect them to send Picciolini out there to make a stink about it.


The Department of Homeland Security is restarting a stalled $10-million grant program for “Countering Violent Extremism” this morning. Life After Hate, a group dedicated to deradicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism, was slated to get $400,000 in the final days of the Obama administration before the program was halted for review, but the Trump administration dropped them from the new grant list that’s getting announced today.

Picciolini has written a book called “Romantic Violence” – it purports to be a memoir about how extreme and violent white people are. There is so little interest in the book that (((someone))) is paying him to leave it as a freebie in random places like it’s a Wal-Mart circular.

Mr. Picciolini has no qualms associating with “Antifa” paramilitary groups either.

Here he is paying the Blitz House in Norway a visit.

“Life After Hate” having their funding blocked may just be the beginning. A few months ago, a GOP Congressman uncovered a Department of Justice slush fund that was injecting $3 billion into extreme leftist groups. It is in the Trump administration’s crosshairs as well.

I wonder how many communists, anarchists and other faux-rebels are aware that their groups directly or indirectly depend on money provided by the US government and Jewish billionaires.

They say Fascists are the bourgeoisie’s first line of defense, but the government and the wealthy have been using these communist groups as extra-legal shock troops against nationalism this whole time. You will know when the cuts are deep enough when you see “Antifa” activity sputter to a halt.

Now that this cynical business venture has failed, don’t be surprised if Christian gets testosterone replacement therapy and launches a Final Solution reunion tour. He should do a crossover with Arno Michaelis’ (another guy trying to get in on this hustle) Centurion:

Without money, these groups depend on their ideas – which means they’ve got nothing. Our ideas are superior to Judeo-Leftist narratives because they’re grounded in nature and reason. That’s why they don’t bother trying to shut us down with rhetoric, they instead opt for violence, defamation, terrorism, bribery and guilt.