DeSantis Could Make a Fortune Selling These Fancy Shoes

Ron DeSantis is still running for president for some reason.

People are very confused by this, given that the man could obviously make a fortune selling these fancy shoes he designed that add 4″ to your height.

Imagine how good these shoes would look if his clothes fit

The media finally analyzed the shoes and figured out that he is definitely wearing serious heels. But normal men are not under this kind of scrutiny. Normal men could wear these fancy shoes for their entire lives and not have anyone notice, happily going through life 4″ taller.


This is a major scientific advancement.

The only problem is that you’ve got to have an ass that’s in good shape, or wear really baggy pants, because heels like that are really going to accentuate your ass.

Furthermore, they appear to be difficult to walk in. In several videos, DeSantis is having some trouble.

However, that is just an opportunity for more money: DeSantis can sell courses about how to walk in these fancy shoes.

Besides, if you wear these fancy shoes all the time, even if you walk weird, no one will think anything of it. They’ll just think you’re a weird walker.

Better a weird walker than short, I can tell you that much.

It’s also better to be a billionaire fancy shoe merchant than president of the United States.

Seriously, after Iowa, what exactly is DeSantis trying to do? Just humiliate himself?

While he has a billion dollar product on his hands that he is refusing to market because he claims it doesn’t exist?

How stupid is this fat retard?

Timberlands cost $200 and barely add an inch.

People would pay at least $500 for “DeSantis Brand Fancy Shoes.”

This guy is puttering around, losing very badly, while there are twin money printers under his feet.