Man Who Tried to Bribe Kari Lake on Secret Recording Foolishly Doesn’t Claim It’s AI

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Kari Lake released an alleged audio tape of the Arizona Republican Chair supposedly telling her that “powerful people” want her to not run for Senate this year, and offering her a bribe in the name of “the guys back east.”

I thought it was an AI hoax. Lake is clearly putting herself in very good light, talking exactly as she talks in campaign speeches (except with more profanity to give it that “private convo” feel).

However, the guy on the tape has now resigned, saying it was a “setup.”

Fox News:

Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake’s campaign is pushing back on a claim by the now-former state GOP chair that he was “set up” by the conservative firebrand in a leaked audio recording allegedly containing what she says was an attempt to “bribe” her against running for Senate this year.

Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit resigned with a lengthy resignation letter on Wednesday, one day after the audio recording was leaked and first reported on by the Daily Mail. In the letter, he claimed the recording was a “deceptive tactic” by Lake and accused her of being “on a mission to destroy” him.

“The tape speaks for itself: The Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit attempted to bribe Kari Lake. Thankfully, Kari is an extremely ethical person who rejected DeWit’s multiple attempts to offer her money and corporate board seats in exchange for Kari not running for public office,” campaign senior advisers Caroline Wren and Garrett Ventry told Fox News Digital.

“She will be an incredible Senator for Arizonans. No one from the Kari Lake campaign threatened or blackmailed DeWit. It is unfortunate that Dewit hasn’t recognized how unethical his behavior was and still hasn’t apologized to Arizona Republicans. DeWit’s false claims are just par for the course. The Arizona GOP must be relieved to have his resignation. Now we can focus on getting ethical leadership and win big in 2024,” they added.

Fox News has obtained the audio recording, but did not independently authenticate it. It appears to show DeWit asking Lake if there is “any number” that would entice her to “take a pause for a couple of years.” However, Lake pushed back on the notion that she “can be bought.”

“This is not about money, it’s about our country,” Lake said.

He should have just claimed it was an AI hoax.

No one can prove it isn’t!

This is why government people should be reading the Daily Stormer. I’ve explained in detail that leaked audio means nothing, and if you claim it is AI, no one can prove otherwise.

She is obviously acting on the tape, which makes “setup” obvious, but he’s still now on the record offering someone bribes, which could lead to a criminal investigation if someone decides to push it.

They probably won’t push it, because what you would find is a bunch of Jewish anti-Trump donors. But still: why not just throw it out there that it’s AI? What do you have to lose?

Frankly, it sounds like AI, because DeWit sounds like he’s acting as well. It does not sound candid at all. A lot of people, including me, would have believed that this was AI.

She’s Legit Then?

Kari Lake is exactly what you would think she is: a professional woman fag-hag attention whore.

In terms of whether or not she really believes all this stuff she says – she believes that it will get her a lot of attention.

She’s also aware that she’s on a shortlist to be Trump’s VP pick, since he more or less said he’s going to pick a woman because polls say women dislike him.

That said, a flamboyant attention whore who thinks shilling for America First policies will gain her the most attention is a much better deal than we’re getting with most male Republicans. However, you should note that I said the same thing about Marjorie Taylor Greene, who turned into a complete shill for the Jewish GOP establishment, presumably after a conversation like the one on the tape.

Most of the time, women will sell you out.