France: Homeless Person with Psychiatric Issues from Mali Does Knife Attack

They stabbing again.

Them niggas from Mali getting stabby out this bitch.

The Guardian:

A man has been arrested after three people were stabbed at a busy railway station in Paris.

Reports suggested the alleged attacker was first tackled by passengers and a security agent at the Gare de Lyon just before 8am on Saturday, before officers arrived at the scene. Police said early indications suggested the attack was not terrorism-related.

The three victims, who were in the station’s lower level hall number three, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Two were taken to hospital, where one was said to have a serious wound.

French media reported that the arrested man, who was allegedly carrying a knife and a hammer, was originally from Mali and had shown police an Italian driving licence during his arrest.

Le Figaro said the man, 32, had tried to set fire to his backpack before police arrived. The paper quoted a police source saying he appeared to have “psychological difficulties”.

The profile is of someone who is a mix of homeless person and person with psychiatric troubles,” a police source told the paper.

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