Did You Exchange a Walk-On Part in the War for a Lead Role in a Cage?

It’s important to remember that the greatest love song ever written was written by one man speaking to another man.

Men who think you can love a woman are actual cock-sucking faggots.

How can you love a creature that will be sucking off a black guy as soon as she’s out of your sight?

A true friend, who is male, will stand by you.

Women are distractions and at best, mothers. Committing to them emotionally is not only foolish, but ridiculous.

The only love you’re ever going to find is with men, and if you think that is gay, you’re an actual faggot who is only capable of associating the concept of love with sex. Because that’s what gay people do. Because they were molested as children by adult men saying “I love you,” so now they have no understanding of the concept of love outside of sex.

Women are very ugly on the outside, but they are even uglier on the inside, and they will always betray you, because they are not even people, they are parasite vampires. You should love your mother, because she took the time to actually grow you in her belly and feed you when you couldn’t move around to find food, but that is the long and short of it.

Women should be despised and barely tolerated. They should not be loved. Love is an important thing that should be saved for brothers, for comrades, and for dogs.

Further: do not ever exchange a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage. If you have a walk-on part in the war, remember that God is watching every frame of this film very closely, and you will be remembered for that.

This war is the only thing that matters, and you want whatever role you can get.

Stay free.