Drudge Report Says Vaccinated Israelis “Reclaim Their Lives” and Party

Above is Tuesday’s top headline on the formerly right-wing website, The Drudge Report. The headline links to a Reuters article making the stated claim that everything is normal now in Israel for people who have been vaccinated.

Matt Drudge is a Jew, and he’s telling people that Israel is an example of people going back to normal life after being vaccinated.

Matt Drudge

We’ve already been told that there is no way for this to end with just one or two vaccines because new strains of the alleged virus keep appearing, potentially rendering previous vaccinations useless.

We also know that people who have been vaccinated in the West are told to continue wearing masks. Anthony Fauci has said nothing can go back to normal until everyone on earth is vaccinated in 2025.

Israel is a Potemkin village, designed to make people believe in the mythology of the vaccination cult.

The Jew Neri Zilber (who is probably Israeli) writes for The Daily Beast:

The text message came in early Sunday morning from an Israeli friend with a question in Hebrew (and most other languages) that hadn’t been posed in months: “We going out tonight?”

After a full year of pandemic and repeat lockdowns, the second of which in September shuttered all of Israel’s—and go-go Tel Aviv’s—restaurants and bars and cafes, the country almost fully reopened yesterday on the back of its globe-leading COVID vaccination campaign. The locals, for their part, took full advantage and went out in force.

“Back to life, first in the world,” long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crowed from a cafe during a live Facebook broadcast over cappuccino and cake. “First” was a loose concept: many countries, especially in East Asia and Oceania, never even closed or are already open after driving infection rates down to zero.

(Many third world countries didn’t close because they didn’t do mass PCR hoax testing and therefore there was no “evidence” of a virus.)

But for most other countries in the world similarly hard-hit by the coronavirus, Israel is indeed a test case for how to get our lives back—thanks to the vaccines—and what such a life may look like. On the basis of the first night out in Tel Aviv, it’s definitely celebratory, decidedly surreal, and deceptively normal—bordering on reckless.

On central Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street, home to high-end shopping and many low-end bars, the scene Sunday evening was of a massive party: balloons tied to awnings, people walking on sidewalks with beers, and young revelers overflowing from most drinking establishments as electronic music played.

At one such bar, Fasada, a table of 10 friends, all in their late twenties, were sipping red wine and beers, catching each other up on life and work and romances. Next to them were two guys industriously rolling and smoking joints, worried more about quotidian concerns like a dropped piece of pizza. Nearby, three girlfriends worked on a bottle of white wine together as they eyed the crowd.

“It’s wonderful to be back,” Sapir, 28, the waitress, told me, beaming. “This is what Tel Aviv used to be like.”

Seemingly the only allowances for the unpleasantness of the past year were the masks hanging below some chins and tables more spaced out than usual. A big part of the government’s reopening plan is tied to the “Green Passport” scheme for all those vaccinated or recovered from COVID.

There is nonstop propaganda about Israel right now, claiming that this is the model for the world. It’s all through the media. This makes it obvious that the media is planning to do for the whole world what Israel has done: coerced vaccinations and an internal passport.

It makes sense that they would do this in Israel first, as Israel was already a totally militarized police state, and they are also planned to be the center of this global new world order system, which is going to be based on a new religion that will “combine all of the religions,” and will be centered on a kind of new age Gaia earth-worship cult tied in with global warming (and possibly/probably space aliens).

But the fact is, the rest of us have a long way to go before we reach the “new normal” of Israel. Even if that were desirable.

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