Elon Killing Twitter Bird Logo, Name

People be like “yo Elon, can you make an even bigger mess somehow???”

Elon be like: “I’ll betcha I could.”

The Guardian:

Elon Musk has said he is looking to change Twitter’s logo, tweeting: “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”.

In a post on the site in the early hours of Sunday, the social media platform’s billionaire owner added: “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make (it) go live worldwide tomorrow.”

Musk posted an image of a flickering “X“, and later in a Twitter Spaces audio chat replied “Yes” when asked if the Twitter logo will change, adding that “it should have been done a long time ago”.

Under Musk’s tumultuous tenure since he bought Twitter in October, the company has changed its business name to X Corp, reflecting the billionaire’s vision to create a “super app” like China’s WeChat.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Twitter’s website says its logo, depicting a blue bird, is “our most recognizable asset”.

“That’s why we’re so protective of it,” it added.

Elon has been trying to name something “X” for like 30 years.

I guess it somehow relates to the X-Men.

Or maybe the X-Files?