Elon Reveals Apple is Bullying Him, Threatening to Ban Twitter, Charging 30%

Previously: Elon Says If Apple/Google Block Twitter, He’ll Make His Own Phone

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is delivering on his promise of freedom of speech, as far as we can tell. Many, many people have been allowed back on, and sometime this week, he will allow full amnesty for everyone who was banned under the extremist regime of the Pakistani woman known only as “Vagina.”

Yesterday, we covered Elon’s claim that he is prepared to start producing his own phone if Apple/Google drop him from their respective app stores. Later that afternoon, Elon began talking about the fact that Apple has cut their ads from Twitter and is already threatening to ban him, without giving any explanation.

Apple is ultra-censorious and a defender of Jewish global domination. Having a company that powerful promoting a global authoritarian political agenda is a very serious problem for America and the world.


He also noted that Apple charges a flat fee of 30% to process anything in the app store, which is effectively a kind of highway bandit looting.

Epic Games went to war with them over this lunatic 30% tax, and ended up just keeping Fortnite out of the app store. More companies should have backed them up. People will switch phones. The only people who are really diehard Apple supporters are women because they’re too stupid to use anything else.

He declared that he is going to go to war with Apple, though he deleted that tweet (as he often does).

It’s not yet clear what form this war will take.

Elon has framed the battle for the right to speak your mind as a battle for the future of civilization.

This is an absolute fact. If we do not have freedom to speak, then we do not have any freedom at all.

Hopefully, Elon has the ability to pressure Apple into not deleting the app from the store, at least for a while. In the long run, it’s going to be impossible that any big company will allow him to defend people’s right to speak, and that means he’s going to have to build everything himself.

Some people might think that if he does partial freedom of speech they will not come down on him quite as hard. However, the fact is, we’ve seen the slippery slope, and the goal of these Jews who control public discourse is to completely restrict all speech to what they approve of. They want everyone on earth to only speak with Jewish permission. Therefore, there is no room to negotiate.