Estonia Tells EU Not to Buy Energy from Russia and Send That Money to Ukraine Instead

Former East Bloc nations that joined the West believe that Germany is Santa Claus.

Except that children typically ask Santa Claus for things. Eastern Europeans are like really entitled, whiny children when dealing with Santa, making demands of him.


Estonia has suggested that the money Europe is set to pay Russia for its energy supplies should be used to rebuild Ukraine, the Interfax news agency reported on Wednesday.

“In order to make an immediate impact and make Russia pay for what has been done in Ukraine”, the payments for Moscow’s oil and gas should be deposited in a bank to be used to rebuild Ukraine, Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said at a briefing on Wednesday, according to Interfax.

Liimets’ comments echoed the position voiced by the country’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas last week, who called on the EU to set up an account to temporarily deposit part of the payments for Moscow’s oil and gas. According to the EU Observer news website, this move would allow the EU to continue buying Russian fossil fuels.

Germany has already said that it is impossible to cut Russian oil and not have the country grind to a halt.

If they were going to get energy from another source (which they are saying is impossible until 2027), it would be more expensive.

Estonia claiming that they should just cut off all energy to their own country completely and use all of that money for their own purposes is just unbelievable.

“Shut down your economy and freeze to death so you can give us more money.”

H0w much more of this can Germany take? 

Aren’t they a country that has historically like, gotten really angry about being bullied?