EU to Suffer the Consequences of Being America’s Vassal, Russia Says

Europe is being totally drained by this conflict.

The United States is benefiting from this drain, but Europe keeps standing with their insane agenda – because of the Holocaust.


The declaration on cooperation signed by the European Union and NATO is further proof that the EU is under the thumb of the US-led military bloc, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.

In a statement, Zakharova said that the document, signed a day earlier, “confirms that the European Union is completely subjugated to the tasks of the North Atlantic bloc, which serves as a tool to coercively enforce US interests.”

Zakharova also described the document as “another eulogy to the philosophy of Western superiority.” “It bluntly states that NATO and the EU will use all political, economic and military means ‘in the interests of our one billion citizens’,” she claimed.

Against this backdrop, Washington’s motives are obvious, the spokeswoman said. The US wants to drag the European Union into the “global rivalry” and, should it succeed, “the Europeans would face the unenviable fate of being an American vassal.” This would mean that the EU would be “losing positions in global politics and economics, with each step becoming increasingly dependent on Washington,” she added.

Zakharova wondered whether ordinary European citizens really want to see such an outcome, while “paying for this protracted confrontation out of their own pockets.”

Maria’s been killing it lately.

She really shaped up after the invasion.