Fat Extremist Demi Lovato Says Gender Reveal Parties are Transphobic

Demi Lovato is old, fat, and ugly. She’s literally brain damaged, but she’s going to lecture you about your baby’s gender.

Newborn babies may be into anal stuff and gender switching, so assuming that the little one is either a boy or a girl is transphobic behavior.

Daily Mail:

Demi Lovato has sparked backlash after branding gender reveal parties as ‘transphobic’.

A nine-page Instagram post, shared by the 28-year-old singer this week, expressed staunch opposition to the soirées – where expectant parents announce the gender of their baby through any variety of items being unveiled in pink or blue.

The lengthy post, which was originally shared online by a trans activist, went on to assert that basing a baby’s gender on their genitalia is ‘inconsistent with science’.

The series of text images, entitled ‘Why Gender Reveals Are Transphobic’, began: ‘It’s both insincere and incorrect to pretend that gender reveal parties are not transphobic. You can’t have your proverbial pink-blue binary cake and eat it too.

‘This is not about political correctness, it’s just…correct. We condemn gender reveals not because of our identity, but because of reality.’

‘Transphobia is not just about prejudice against individual trans people, it’s also a way of thinking that understands non-trans people as more natural/organic and erases everyone else,’ the post continued.

‘These ideas, like the gender binary, fuel mistreatment of all people, but especially trans and gender non-conforming people.’

‘Gender reveals are based on the illusion that genitals = gender and that there are only two options “boy or girl”,’ the post continued.

‘This definition erases the fact that there are boys with vaginas and girls with penises and that there are people who are neither boys nor girls. The idea that sex is based on genitalia is inconsistent with science.’

Oh yeah science, I fucking love that shit.

Science says trannies are real.

Lovato’s post went on: ‘Gender reveals require not just the invalidation of transness, but the impossibility of transness. The assumption is that the baby is cis. Cisness is positioned as the default and everyone else is understood as derivative of it.

‘The idea goes: while we might “identify” as trans now, we were “originally” “born” cis and we later “became” trans. When in truth, everyone is just born. And we all become after the fact.

‘Even though we might have grown accustomed to other people gendering us, that doesn’t make it right. Only individuals can determine their own gender.

‘Gender reveals uphold the gender binary and the binary prevents people from observing reality. Instead, it offers culturally and historically determined norms (for example: pink used to be considered a masculine color) as personhood.

‘People are taught to experience themselves and one another as ideas of how they should be, not the reality of what they are and what is.

‘The gender binary requires that we adopt prescriptive ideas of gender (what men and women should be) as descriptive ideas of gender (what men and women fundamentally are). In this way, it naturalizes cultural myths as “biological facts”.’

Last week saw the release of the bombshell trailer for Demi’s new docuseries, in which she shockingly revealed how her overdose gave her ‘three strokes’ and ‘a heart attack’ which left her with ‘brain damage.

Trannies aside, this “gender reveal” thing is bizarre and decadent.

They should stop doing it, or at least stop building all these bombs.

Wait for Liz Cheney or Nancy Pelosi or one of these people to link the Capitol Storm and the White Supremacist threat to “the knowledge learned about IEDs preparing for transphobic gender reveal parties.”

It’s gonna happen.