Father of Six Dies Suddenly While Helping Son Move Into Arkansas University Dorm

Jeremy Tillman with his family

You know, sometimes men in their 40s just die randomly for literally no reason.

It’s always been very common. You just weren’t thinking about it.

New York Post:

A beloved father of six died suddenly after collapsing on the floor while helping move his son into a dorm at Arkansas State University over the weekend.

Jeremy Tillman, 45, of Russellville, Arkansas, suffered a “very sudden medical event” at the university around 10 a.m. Saturday, his fiancée, Elizabeth Goodson, 39, told KARK.

“He came through the door and he was in obvious distress,” Goodson, 39, said. “I guess he may have strained too hard.”

Tillman was assisting his son, Jace Tillman, move his belongings onto campus ahead of the fall semester.

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The car dealership employee was found not breathing on the floor with foam “pouring” out of his mouth, Today reported. Emergency services performed CPR on Tillman and used a defibrillator to restart his heart.

He was taken to St. Bernards Medical Center, where he died.

“We went there with him, and then driving home without him was, I think, one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced,” Goodson told KARK.

The grandfather-of-two became engaged to Goodson at the end of June in Peru, where he proposed to her at Machu Pucchu. She planned on wearing her engagement dress to his funeral, which was Wednesday.

Too bad.

These news articles about these “died suddenly” cases always post these family photos. You’re supposed to feel this big emotional thing. I don’t personally feel emotions for anyone I don’t know, certainly not people I read about on the internet.

But, it is important to note the magnitude of human suffering that the virus/vax agenda caused. It was the most devastating event in human history, and we’re going to be feeling these effects for a very long time.