Australia: Healthy 14-Year-Old Dies in His Sleep for No Reason

We have angry former readers who got vaxed and now have a vendetta against the site. Because we advised people against getting vaxed, because it was obviously unsafe, and then people started dying in large numbers.

These people were presumably nominally right-wing, but decided “bro I gotta have a job.”

Actually, I think most of these people that were whining have already died suddenly, because I didn’t really see them on Twitter when Andrew Anglin was on there. But when they were whining, their argument was “haha, not everyone died from the vaccine yet.”

Everyone did not die, nor did anyone ever think that would happen. With the way the vaccine was distributed, it looks like huge numbers of people did not even get a live shot (chances obviously increased if they got boosters).

Imagine saying: “haha, you told me I shouldn’t play Russian roulette because I could die, but I just won $600.”

We really separated the wheat from the chaff with the vax thing. Keeping the blood pure was serious shit for a lot of people. People made real sacrifices.

And not one of them regrets it.

There is not one person on this entire earth who did not get the vax who’s sitting around thinking “man, I wish I would have gotten that vax.”

We now know that it kills people randomly, and that you can die suddenly years after you take it. Imagine walking around with that on your brain. Imagine trying to sleep. These people created a hell for themselves, because they were too pussy to ride when the time came to ride or die.

A 14-year-old boy with no known prior medical history has died suddenly in his sleep.

William Pfeiffer, from Queenstown, Adelaide, spent his final hours at his grandparents’ house last Sunday, when he fell asleep and didn’t wake up.

His devastated parents, Karen Lynch and Mike Shaw, said William was a “happy and healthy” boy with a heart of gold.

They are awaiting autopsy results to learn more about what happened to their son.

They say William had no prior medical history that could explain the shocking event, and did not exhibit any concerning symptoms the night he died.

William Pfeiffer

Nicole Banns, a long-term friend of Ms Lynch, said William had gone to bed “happy and healthy,” during a sleepover with his siblings at their grandparents’ house.

“I think they just realised that he was sleeping in bed and they checked on him and realised that something wasn’t right,” the 42-year-old told The Advertiser.

“(The family) is devastated as you can image, it’s just traumatic and it’s just so unfair.

“They’re just really emotional and struggling to get through it.

“It’s affected everyone, and I’ve seen her house and it’s full of flowers and full of food that people have been bringing.”

It’s actually not “unfair.”

Everyone on earth knew that there were people saying this vaccine was deadly. Everyone also knew that no one was dying from the supposed virus. This was all publicly available.

You get what you deserve.

It’s unfortunate when it’s a kid who probably didn’t have any say in the matter, but he died peacefully in his sleep. It’s his parents who are going to have to live with the fact they killed their son because the media told them it was a highly moral thing to do.

This is from 2 weeks ago