Not Much Happened in the Missing Week

In the last week of the year, the Daily Stormer was shut down so I could beg for money. It ended up going pretty well. I didn’t quite hit the target, but I did come up with a way to get donations more consistently, which solves the problem.

Thanks to everyone who participated and also to everyone who didn’t. You are all good friends.

I planned to do an update of what happened while I was doing the shutdown, but nothing much happened.

The single most interesting thing, by a lot, was that Americans started a war with Yemen, sinking three boats and killing at least ten people.

This was ostensibly a response to the Houthis of Yemen preventing the passage of ships bound for Israel through the Red Sea.

You may recall that I said this exact thing was going to happen shortly after the beginning of the Jewish slaughter in Gaza. As we know, Israel was aware of Hamas’ plan to attack on October 7, and actually moved troops away from the border so their attack would be as damaging as possible, giving them reason to start a Gaza slaughter. Israel could have completely repelled the attack.

This is the single most important story from the war, but even most right-wingers are not including it in their analysis. I was shocked that John Mearsheimer didn’t start citing it as a key fact and is instead claiming Israel is acting purely on emotions.

However, it is also very clear, as I told you when this began, that Israel does not have the ability to “destroy Hamas” on any kind of reasonable time table. The media and many others claimed without evidence that Israel could quickly move to remove Hamas from Gaza, even though this was obviously totally impossible.

If we take the story at face value, Israel started a war that they can’t win for no reason. The results would be massive global hatred against the Jews and a humiliating defeat – or a massive war across the entire region, which Israel could not possibly win. Bibi’s goal is obviously to get the US involved in a war in Iran, and the best place for that to start is in Yemen.

Iran has now moved one of their ships to stand with Yemen, so we’ll see how that goes.

NOTE: As regards Hamas and the Houthis playing into Israel’s hand – it could just as easily be the other way around. In any war, or any game theory competition, both sides are anticipating the actions of the other. So when I say “Israel knew the attack was coming,” I DO NOT mean that Hamas is working with Israel, as some very extreme conspiracy theorists have claimed. I simply mean that Israel had the intelligence and wanted the attack to happen. This is not intended to put Hamas/Hezbollah/Houthis/Iran in a bad light or suggest they are acting anything other than rationally given their own circumstances. 

Meanwhile, in the war in the Ukraine, nothing is happening other than that the Kiev Junta has begun a new campaign of bombing Russian civilians inside the former Ukraine and pre-2022 Russia. They are using British missiles. They’ve now been condemned by the head of the UN, which is another sign that the war is wrapping up just as a new one gets started in Yemen and potentially Iran itself.

Israel has also begun bombing Iran and is calling on the US to begin this.

Lindsey Graham – who is no longer a supporter of the Ukraine war (LOL) – is, of course, calling for the bombings to begin.

Further: Israel is getting more free weapons from Dirty Uncle Sam, while they’re also facing ICJ genocide claims brought by South Africa.

Glock inventor Gaston Glock died.

Documentary filmmaker John Pilger also died.

Nothing much happened with dumb American politics, the most interesting thing being that Nimrata Randhawa is now solidifying her position as the top non-Trump Republican, raising the horrifying specter of the threat that Trump may pick her as VP running mate.

States are continuing to bar Trump from running. It’s not clear what that even means. But none of the election news means anything, because the election is fake. The only thing that is remotely interesting is the emerging possibility that Trump could be the winner of a fake election if he chooses Nikki Haley as VP. He might even end up mysteriously dead a few weeks after the election in such a scenario.

There’s no reason to speculate too much about that, as we should know soon enough. But it’s wild how moderate Trump’s comments about Haley are.

The New York Times is suing OpenAI, which is a case I’m interested in and will write more about in the future. Copyright is actually a relatively obvious way to hinder AI development, and the fact that it is coming from the Times says a lot about who’s trying to get it done.

The Biden administration has literally said that open source AI should be illegal if it can’t be censored because people too stupid to read could get “dangerous information” from it. Basically, the allegation is that someone too stupid to look up how to make a pipe bomb could ask AI how to make a pipe bomb. The maternalism of the US government is so separated from traditional European values, established American values, Christianity, and any other recognizable pattern of thought that basically the government can just make declarations about anything. They are under no obligation to even make sense at all. However, there is a lot of money and powerful people behind AI, so if the government wanted to throw a wrench in the works, they would need a solid legal framework, and American copyright law is utterly insane.

For the record, I am an AI maximalist, which means that I think AI should be developed to the furthest extent possible as rapidly as possible. My personal fear is that it will be controlled and restricted by private Jewish groups like OpenAI. If I was going to make a law relating to AI, I would make it illegal to have the source code be closed, forcing everyone working on AI to publish their code. This would make the development much faster and would also prevent censorship or private control of the technology.

Probably the best piece of news is that trannies will finally be allowed to box real women in USA boxing.

Let’s just hope we get some sort of tranny Mike Tyson and it results in some funny clips and further erosion of female self-confidence.

Oh, and I found this relatively interesting:

I wonder why they would think something like that?

Speaking of spies: there was a pretty good WSJ piece about how the US has no spy network at all in China.

This is something else I’ve said for a long time. (Meanwhile, the US government literally hires ethnic Chinese.)

What’s worse: the Americans don’t have any meaningful analysis of China done in the last 15 years. To be frank, it’s impossible for any white man to ever actually understand Asian thought processes, but you could certainly analyze patterns in a meaningful way to understand the Nash Equilibrium of the situation, and they simply do not do it. I read the think tanks and the academics. It’s unbelievable. These people were literally claiming it was “unlikely” China would side with Russia after they did the war and sanctions. (In fact, a lot of right-wingers claimed I was wrong about that – mark that one down.) It was all just absurd boomer shit that assumes Xi Jinping is Ding Xiaoping. The response to China’s full backing of Russia was “wow, hey – yikes!”

Oh, and they’re trying to do a color revolution in Serbia. That probably already flopped, but it’s something to keep an eye on. I think after consecutive failures in Kazakhstan and Belarus, these revolutions are likely to keep failing. Again, it takes these people in Washington a very long time to figure out something has changed, and they are so cocky and uninterested, they will just assume “Serbia is the Ukraine.” Meanwhile, they’ve drastically lost support in Poland, as the pro-Russia Fire Extinguisher Guy is celebrated globally as a hero.

Speaking of the Fire Extinguisher Guy (whose surname is Braun), the actual biggest story in terms of my interests was Elon going full-Jew and banning people for posting the emoji. He’s saying no Jews are on Twitter calling for the mass killing of Palestinians and claiming saying “killing demons” is illegal speech. This is something I’m going to have to write up in full, but he pretended to be unaware that Jews and their goonies are calling for genocide in Gaza.

That is 3,900 replies, but there are a lot more than 3,900 examples of this happening.

It’s possible Elon really is just as totally out-of-touch as he looks, and is going through some personal issues. Between making bizarre and conflicting Twitter replies to randos and posting 2011 memes, he seems to just smoke pot all day and play Diablo IV.

He’s been playing it for months. He also played CyberPunk all the way through at launch within a week.

That’s Diablo 4 (Four).

If you’re not a gamer, let me just say: this taste in games does not indicate he is very “tapped in.”

So the man goes out and says “Jews are trying to destroy the white race,” then days later makes an apology trip to Israel and now he’s banning people over emojis.

His own AI sold him out.

Again, he might be too stoned and too busy analyzing class balance in Diablo IV (that’s “Diablo 4,” not “Diablo 2,” or even “Diablo 3”) to know that people are getting banned for emojis, but he turned the site’s “safety” over to someone surely associated with the ADL who he knows would be banning people for that.

That’s all I can think of right now.

It was the worst week of my life, not working. I’ll tell you. But there wasn’t much happening.