FDA Intimidating Retailers for Selling Nicotine Pouches to Underage Persons

Nicotine is safe and effective, which is why the government has declared war on it.

These people trying to stop you from using nicotine are the same people who tried to force you to take a dangerous experimental gene therapy “vaccine.” They’re the same people who refuse to regulate plastics in everything, and refuse to regulate processed foods.

They don’t care about your health. In fact, they actively try to hurt you.

So why do they want to stop nicotine, unless it’s good for you?


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday said it had issued warning letters and filed civil money penalty complaints against retailers engaged in underage sale of various flavors of ZYN nicotine pouches.

The FDA said it had issued 119 warning letters to brick-and-mortar retailers and had filed 41 civil money penalty complaints seeking more than $55,000 in total for underage sales of flavored ZYN nicotine pouches, including espressino, black cherry, lemon spritz, and cucumber lime.

ZYN nicotine pouches are manufactured by Swedish Match, which is owned by Marlboro maker Philip Morris International. PMI claims that the pouches do not contain tobacco and are inherently smoke-free.

The FDA said it was illegal for any retailer to sell any tobacco product – including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and nicotine pouches — to anyone under the age of 21. The agency added that nicotine pouches were a type of tobacco product.

I totally forgot they raised the age to 21.

This is so insane.

Who believes that these people in the government care about your health? Seriously, what person can look around at all of these obese people in America, and say “wow, I sure am glad that the government cares so much about my health”?

It’s nonsensical.

People should have freedom. If teens want to smoke, or eat these nicotine packets, the government doesn’t have a right to tell them they can’t do that.

The government is not my mommy.

So many of the problems we have in society stem from the fact that we’ve accepted the idea that the government is everyone’s mommy. The reason we have this is because women are allowed in public life, and women are obsessed with forcing people to do things. They will force you to not smoke, just the same as they will force you to take a coronavirus death shot. It’s just about the act of controlling you. The things they force you to do are basically arbitrary.

Nicotine is very safe and associated with every positive health outcome.