Ferguson: Black Infowars Reporter Threatened for Working for the Fat Racist Jones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2014

Ferguson has succeeded in providing seemingly endless lols, and this may be the funniest thing I’ve seen yet.

The Black reporter for Alex Jones’ Infowars was singled out and harassed last night for being a sellout working for the racist Alex Jones. Two Black guys in masks came up to him and berated and threatened him.

The instigator’s issue was that Infowars.com – which this guy apparently reads – called Blacks burning down buildings “terrorists.” The masked Black was apparently incapable of distinguishing between Blacks who burn down buildings and those who don’t – this is interesting because I have that same problem.

This shows just how racialized the whole situation is. Alex Jones is a White race traitor who has spent months covering Ferguson from the perspective of Black victims against the evil White police, yet here he is the enemy because he is White, and Jones Black reporter Jakari is a sellout because he works for a White man.

This is race war. There is nothing else going on here. Obviously it does not matter that Wilson was only defending himself. What matters to them is that they don’t like White people, they don’t like White people’s buildings, and they want to see it all burn.

Alex Jones is a hoax. This video proves it. He has tried to excuse the Black rioters for months, and all they want to do is kill him.

Also hilarious is the Black defense of the burning of buildings, saying that people have a right to express their anger. Black logic 101 right there.

Also notable is that Jakari Jackson says he doesn’t like Darren Wilson. I don’t know what Jones has been saying about the Hero Darren, but presumably because he is a cop, Jones hates him and wants to see him killed by Blacks.