FIFA Suspends Serial Kisser Luis Rubiales Over Violent Rape Kiss

Previously: Spanish Football Federation Chief Refuses to Resign After Angry Mob Accuses Him of Rape-Kissing Women


There goes Spain.

The Guardian:

The president of the Spanish FA, Luis Rubiales, has been provisionally suspended by Fifa following his conduct at the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney last weekend.

Rubiales has refused to resign from his post after kissing Jenni Hermoso – who has stressed she did not consent – on the lips, prompting Fifa to step in.

The Spanish football federation had on Saturday morning threatened to sue Hermoso for lying and defamation, along with 79 women’s football players who signed a letter in which they stated they would refuse to play for their country as long as Rubiales remained in his post.

Personally, I think men should be doing a lot more than kissing women who go around in public with their hair uncovered.

It’s hard living in the new world with an old soul.