Spanish Football Federation Chief Refuses to Resign After Angry Mob Accuses Him of Rape-Kissing Women

This “rape” stuff is definitely not a part of Spanish culture.

It’s not really a part of any culture, but the Spanish (along with the French and Italians) were known for being uniquely licentious even during the very conservative Middle Ages.

So forcing this modernist ultra-puritanism on them was a tough sell, I’m sure.

I’m glad to see someone standing up for himself.


Spanish football federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales was set for a showdown with the government after he refused to step down over his kiss on the lips of soccer player Jenni Hermoso after Spain’s World Cup victory.

Speaking at an RFEF emergency assembly on Friday, Rubiales complained that “false feminists” were “trying to kill me”. He described the kiss as a “little peck” that was “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consensual”.

Luis Rubiales

“Is a consensual peck going to take me out of here? I won’t resign. I will fight until the end,” Rubiales said, drawing applause from the predominantly male audience.

The government has said it will take the incident before a sport tribunal where, if it can be proven the kiss was non-consensual, he could be tried under a sexual violence law introduced by the Socialists last year.

His speech drew immediate condemnation from acting Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz, who described it as “unacceptable”.

The government must act and take urgent measures: impunity for macho actions is over. Rubiales cannot continue in office,” Diaz wrote on social media.

Rubiales, 46, said in his speech that Hermoso was the one who initiated physical contact by lifting him off the ground by his hips. He said he asked Hermoso is he could give her “a little peck” and she said “Ok”.

Once again: the bitch is responsible and the man takes the fall.

Once again, it is some bitter old battle-cunt leading the charge.

Yolanda Diaz