Finally: Poles Rising Up Against Moronic Ukraine Agenda – “Not Our War”

These Poles are no doubt going to be accused of being funded by Russia, despite the fact that it is simply obvious that this war is destroying their country.

Not only is it costing them a lot of money and risking they be drawn into a larger war, but their entire country is being “Ukrainized.” Some cities in the south of Poland are now a majority Ukrainian. And whereas Poles are civilized men, these hohols act like absolute niggers.


Hundreds of protesters rallied in downtown Warsaw on Wednesday urging Polish authorities to stop supporting Ukraine, arguing that the government’s stance ultimately risks dragging the country itself into war. The protesters marched through the city carrying a large Polish flag and anti-war banners.

The event, dubbed the ‘Peace March’, was staged by several local anti-war groups. The protesters were heard chanting such slogans as “Not our war,” as well as carrying various banners bearing slogans such as “Today our tanks, tomorrow our children,”“Stop Americanization of Poland.”

Stopping the Americanization would be a very good idea.

It would also be very expensive.

“We do not agree with being drawn into someone else’s war, we do not agree to be cannon fodder, we do not agree to unconditional and meaningless support for Ukraine,” prominent Polish political scientist Leszek Sykulski, one of the key figures behind the march, said during the event.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen protesters carrying signs in their own language.

Sykulski has consistently opposed the military aid provided by Warsaw to Kiev and has for years been advocating building better ties with Russia.

Poland has become one of the key backers of Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict between Kiev and Moscow, which broke out in February 2022. The country has showered Kiev with lavish military aid on its own and has also served as the key hub for weapons provided by other Western countries to be sent onward to Ukraine.

Wars of aggression always only benefit the government. If your military is not defending your people, it is doing something that is going to hurt your country.

This is very obviously true for the Ukraine, which is why the lunatics try to frame the Ukraine war as a “defensive” war.

Anyone who knows anything is against the Ukraine war, save for a few people who are benefiting from it. The whole thing is based on total lies.

Russia is not going to invade Poland – unless they are forced to by the actions of the Poles, in which case, it would be an absolute slaughter. Yes, other Western troops would enter Poland in such a situation, but they wouldn’t be able to keep Poland from being completely destroyed, and they would not even try to.

Poland has zero to gain from this.

If anything, they have something to gain by allying with Russia. Russia would almost certainly agree to allowing Poland to govern the west of the Ukraine, if Poland entered into a pact with them.

Such a pact could be signed in Warsaw, I suppose.