Stoltenberg Says to Prepare for Bad News on the Ukraine

Are we getting closer to some kind of reality situation here?


The Ukrainian military has failed to achieve any breakthroughs on the battlefield over the past several months, but the West should stand by the country regardless, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has argued. The official also lamented the apparent failure of the military bloc’s defense industry to establish provide Kiev with the munitions it requires.

Earlier this week Stoltenberg warned that Moscow had been amassing missiles ahead of the winter, noting that Russian weapons manufacturers were operating “on a war footing.”

In an interview with Germany’s Das Erste TV channel aired on Saturday, Stoltenberg acknowledged that the frontlines in Ukraine have remained largely unchanged of late, adding that “wars are difficult to plan.”

“We have to be prepared for bad news. Wars move in phases, but we must stand by Ukraine in good and in bad times alike,” NATO’s chief insisted.

According to Stoltenberg, “ramping up production is of decisive importance” at this juncture.

When asked what Kiev should do in the meantime while its backers increase weapons production capacities – something that is bound to take time – Stoltenberg said that he would leave these “difficult operative decisions” to the Ukrainian leadership and military commanders.

“I think one of the problems that we must address is the fragmentation of the European defense industry. We are not capable of working so closely together as we should,” NATO’s secretary general stated. He called on all member states to “overcome the national, narrow interests” and increase supplies instead of enjoying rising prices.

It’s very strange that he’s only able to think in terms of weapons supplies. It’s like he’s glitching out.

The weapons are not the issue. The primary issue is manpower. But it’s also just… it was never going to be possible for the Ukraine to win this war. Not in this way. They could have all the weapons in the world, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

The only two paths to victory were:

  • A collapse of the Putin government, which would just mean Russia forfeits, and
  • Sending in a foreign army

Stoltenberg is an adult who is presumably intelligent enough. He’s at least a competent bureaucrat.

I guess he just has to say these things?

It’s very weird.