Florida: 13 High School Blacks Arrested After Massive Brawl Caught on Video

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New York Post:

A Florida high school turned into a fight club where haymakers, shoving and wrestling overtook the hallways earlier this week, leading to the arrest of 13 students.

Several fights broke out throughout Tuesday at Zephyrhills High School while videos posted to various social media sites show different angles of the brawls.

In the now-viral videos, classmates can be heard encouraging the brawlers, “let’s get to class,” among other verbal commands.

School safety officers and teachers unsuccessfully attempted to break up the brawls that included 14 students.

The sheer number of students involved and the intensity of the situation made intervention challenging, as students continued to engage in the altercation despite efforts to de-escalate,” the Pasco County School District said in a release, according to Fox13.

One video allegedly shows school principal Christina Stanley being thrown to the ground as she attempted to separate two students with the help of another school staffer.

In another video, several female students punch and kick a defenseless peer who was lying on the ground.

The 13 students arrested are facing battery and disruption of a school function charges and may also face discipline from the district, according to the outlet.

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