Watch: Laughing Black Teens Attack Gas Station Cashier

Well, it’s…

You know…

They are only doing this because of what happened to George Floyd.

New York Post:

A Washington State gas station cashier was pummeled relentlessly by a teen while four other youths raided shelves for candy, vapes, cigarettes and just a handful of cash, police said.

Harrowing footage from inside the Friendly Normandy Market, in Normandy Park, captured the moment a teen in a black hoodie began swinging wildly at cashier Leah Johnston — in order to buy time for his accomplices to rob the gas station Friday night.

The boy delivered blow after blow to Johnston, who tried yelling at him to stop as she covered her face and fell to the ground.

“At one point I told him, ‘You can stop hitting me. I’m not fighting you,’” Johnston told Fox 13. “It didn’t slow him down.

They were laughing. They had no [regard] for anything,” she added. “They don’t care anymore.”

“Leah” Johnston

Officials said a total of six suspects were involved in the assault and robbery at the gas station.

Police said the suspects were believed to be teenagers, who fled the scene in a stolen Kia and Hyundai. The cars were recovered following the incident.

I’m sure they will cool off once they feel George has been avenged.