Following Virus Hoax, Economy Moves to Move Free Southern States

Freedom is always good for the economy.

It would be hard to say that the southern states of America are “free,” because America itself is basically a gigantic communist prison camp (especially compared to anywhere else in the world, excluding edge cases like North Korea – and even North Korea arguably allows for more personal autonomy than the United States in some ways).

That said: the southern states definitely had a lot more freedom during the coronavirus lockdown scam and the ensuing forced genetic modification campaign.


It’s not just about the coasts and the bubbles anymore: Six fast-growing states in the South now add more to the national GDP than the Northeast, the perennial powerhouse, Bloomberg reports.

Americans are spreading out, physically and economically.

Those six states — Florida, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas and Tennessee — are in the middle of a “$100 billion wealth migration” as the U.S. economic center of gravity tilts south, Bloomberg notes.

The switch happened during peak COVID. There’s no sign it’ll reverse.

It’s truly a shame that diabolical bastard Lincoln won that war against the freedom-loving South.

If the South had won, those of us born in the North would have the option, in the current year, of fleeing to a freer – and warmer – version of our country.

Instead, the whole country is a prison camp.

If we’re being real, there are some criticisms about the pre-war South, and how their attempt to build a European style aristocracy with the blacks as the peasants was… ill-advised. This program caused all of the main industrialization to happen in the North. However, the South was in the process of solving the slavery/black problem when Lincoln waged a totally unjustified war of aggression against them.