Footage of the Houthis Landing a Helicopter on Israel-Owned Ship is Nuts

When you hear about Houthis taking an Israeli ship, you’re like “oh, hmm, okay.”

When you see the video, you’re like “OH HOLY SHIT.”


Yemen’s Houthi movement released dramatic footage on Monday showing gunmen seizing control of an Israeli-linked cargo ship in the Red Sea after landing on the vessel by helicopter. The raid appears to be the first of its kind by the rebel group, which has effectively declared war on Israel over its siege of Gaza.

The two-minute video starts with a lightly-armed helicopter, apparently a version of a Mil Mi-17Sh transport craft, which is decorated with the flags of Palestine and the Houthi movement. It approaches the ship, the Galaxy Leader, and hovers over it before landing for several seconds.

The gunmen jump off and take a formation on deck, before quickly moving to secure the bridge. The footage then cuts to a fighter on the lower decks brandishing a handgun and shouting “Allahu Akbar” in apparent triumph.

They should have labeled the video “Taking Over the Galaxy” and played Star Wars music.

But I guess they’re too cool for that.

Israel is going to have nonstop problems like this in their international business everywhere. Further, everyone is cutting them off, everyone is boycotting them.

Their economy is destroyed.

Americans might not understand this: it is more than simply money for weapons they are demanding, they also want a lot more money to prop up their destroyed economy.