Susan Sarandon Canceled for Supporting Palestine

I can’t help but realize that no actor was canceled for supporting BLM, even though it was a hoax.

Actors are now being canceled for supporting Palestine, despite the fact that we can all look at the news and see that thousands of babies are being slaughtered by the Jews.

Is there some type of double standard going on with the Jews???


Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has been dropped by her talent agency after criticizing Israel at a pro-Palestine rally last weekend, a spokesman for the agency confirmed. The star also came under fire for sharing social media posts by Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, a vocal critic of Israel’s war in Gaza.

In a statement on Tuesday, United Talent Agency (UTA) told Deadline it would no longer work with the Oscar-winning actress after she spoke at a pro-Palestine protest in New York. In particular, Sarandon drew criticism for stating:“There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country.”


“People are questioning, people are standing up, people are educating themselves, people are stepping away from brainwashing that started when they were kids,” she told attendees at the rally, going on to thank “the Jewish community who’s come out to have our backs.”

Sarandon also went on to share a pro-Palestine message from Roger Waters, who has frequently condemned Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians over the years. Though critics have labeled the musician anti-Semitic, he has repeatedly rejected the charge.

Presumably, a lot of Hollywood actors have been waiting for a chance to criticize the Jews.

You would assume that would be the case. They have their entire lives ruled by brutal Jews, and this Palestine situation gives them a pretty good reason to come out and condemn the Jews.

I’ve got their backs.

I’ve got the back of anyone condemning the Jews.