Former Officer Sentenced to Nearly Five Years for Doing His Job Near George Floyd

You can’t stand around while a black man is being arrested for a crime.

If a black man is being arrested for a crime, you have a legal obligation to attack and even to totally destroy the cop who is doing the arresting.

This only became a law because of George Floyd, but as soon as the arrest of George Floyd began, it was a law, so now this Vietnamese man is going to prison.

And rightfully so.

The Guardian:

A former Minneapolis police officer convicted in state court for his role in the killing of George Floyd was sentenced on Monday to four years and nine months in state prison even as he continued to deny any role in Floyd’s death.

Tou Thao, who had held crowds back as other officers restrained Floyd, was found guilty of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter by a jury in May. He had claimed that he merely served as a “human traffic cone” during the deadly encounter.

Tou Thao

Floyd’s murder by white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin triggered a wave of protests across the US that eventually spread around the world, prompting a reckoning with police brutality and racism.

At the hearing, Thao said that he was “distressed” by Floyd’s death but denied any role in it. “I did not commit these crimes,” he said. “My conscience is clear. I will not be a Judas nor join a mob in self-preservation or betray my God.”

Interesting statement!

I’m not sure I understand it, but I support it.

Presiding Hennepin county judge Peter Cahill responded that after thee years of reflection, he was “hoping for a little more remorse” from Thao and a little less “preaching”.

In a 177-page ruling, Cahill said Thao’s actions separated Chauvin and two other former officers, Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane, from the crowd.

“There is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Thao’s actions were objectively unreasonable from the perspective of a reasonable police officer, when viewed under the totality of the circumstances,” Cahill wrote.

We will crush unreasonableness.

That is the true goal of our rising utopian order: to finally put the final nail in the coffin of unreasonableness.