France Freezes RT’s Funds Following Latest EU Sanctions Package, Forces End of Operations

These are not free countries.

If they are not fighting for freedom like they claim, then what are they fighting for?

Anal sex – with men.


RT’s French subsidiary will cease broadcasting after its accounts were frozen by the French treasury, its director, Xenia Fedorova, announced on Saturday. Paris claimed that it froze the funds in line with EU sanctions, which targeted RT’s parent company.

After five years of harassment, the authorities in power have achieved their goal: the closure of RT France,” Fedorova said in a statement shared on Twitter. Earlier this week, Fedorova said that she had received a letter from RT France’s bank indicating that the network’s funds had been frozen at the request of the French treasury, rendering it impossible for the outlet to pay its staff.

Although RT France is not on the sanctions list and has the right to operate in France, such a decision practically paralyzes our activities,” she said at the time.

The French Finance Ministry told AFP that RT France’s assets had been frozen in compliance with the most recent EU sanctions package, and not on the government’s initiative.

The sanctions package – the ninth imposed on Moscow following the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine last February – was announced by the EU last month. It blacklisted RT’s parent company, TV-Novosti, as well as a number of domestic Russian TV networks.

RT France had been forbidden from broadcasting in the EU since July, after the European Court of Justice upheld a ban imposed by EU authorities in March. However, it continued broadcasting online until its accounts were targeted.

Anyone who can’t see what is going on at this point is possessed by demons.

There is no freedom. The West hates freedom, which is why they have speech laws in France that say you’re not allowed to question the Jews and their absolutely goofy lampshade hoax.

In America, if you protest the government, they put you in prison.

The way is for gay sex and total Jewish dominion over the entire earth.