France: Overwhelming Majority of Government Housing Occupied by Non-French

As it turns out, these people are not actually good for your economy.

In fact, they are violent parasites.

No one could have predicted this? I guess? It was all a big mixup?


Exclusive data from a joint study into those occupying social housing in France has revealed that sub-Saharan African migrants are benefiting from taxpayer-subsidized living more than any other migrant background or French national to a hugely disproportionate degree.

The report conducted by the Immigration and Demography Observatory in collaboration with the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) think tank found that 57 percent of those originating from the African region are living in social housing across France.

Even more concerning is the fact that 63 percent of descendants of these immigrants also occupy social housing, suggesting a generational trend of sub-Saharan migrant communities continuing to live off the state.

Yeah, well.

If the French would have asked Americans about this, we could have told them.

But the French were too smug to take any advice from Americans. They thought they would be able to handle the blacks, and make them very useful and productive citizens.

They gave it le old college try. Didn’t work.

The study contrasts this figure with other migration backgrounds including those from China, of whom just 8 percent enjoy subsidized living arrangements. Similarly, just 14 percent of Southeast Asian migrants and 14 percent of those arriving from other EU countries live in social housing.

The percentage of French citizens living in social housing is 11 percent, the report adds.

A high degree of African migrants in general benefit from HLM (low-income housing) across France, with those arriving from the Maghreb region also disproportionately represented in the statistics. A total of 49 percent of Algerians and 44 percent of Moroccans and Tunisians also enjoy lower costs of living, courtesy of the state.


The large concentration of migrant populations in social housing neighborhoods “has generated recurring difficulties which result in particular in phenomena of great violence and the establishment of the criminal economy,” noted Michel Aubouin of Fondapol.

That sounds sort of racist…

He added that those living in social housing form their own communities that are “isolated from the rest of the urban fabric.”

The report notes that 35 percent of all immigrants living in France benefit from HLM, adding that “this over-representation of immigrant families reinforces the idea that the French have a habitat intended primarily for foreigners.”

It seems that this occupation by brown people is in fact much worse than the occupation by Adolf Hitler.

I don’t know how we’re supposed to believe that Hitler was so bad when he didn’t turn everything into a shithole.

Even assuming he was going to kill all the Jews, that would just mean we wouldn’t all be witnessing this massacre in Gaza.

Someone needs to give real reasons why Hitler was bad, because I don’t understand it. From everything I can see, Hitler was actually very good and very helpful.