French Shocked as Macron Reverses Pro-Rape Position

The French have always been opposed to Anglo type puritanism. Usually, that was probably a bad thing, creating more sexual sins. In more recent times, it’s protected them from the insanity of feminism.


The President of France Emmanuel Macron has come under fire after saying he was in favor of incorporating the notion that a sexual act without consent should fall under the country’s criminal definition of rape.

The statement came as a surprise for the public, given that Paris had opposed the same idea in a European Union (EU) directive last month.

Macron’s statement was made on March 8, when he met members of the feminist association Choisir la cause des femmes (Choosing Women’s Issues), to mark International Women’s Day.

According to a video seen by AFP this week, the French president told the women’s rights group: “I fully agree that it should be incorporated into French law, that consent should be enshrined,” adding “I’m going to enshrine it in French law.”

The legal definition of rape in France includes the notions of “violence, coercion, threat or surprise,” but makes no mention of “consent.” Women’s rights advocates have been calling for the law to be tightened by including the concept so that any sexual act without consent constitutes rape. Only a tiny fraction of rapes or attempted rapes lead to a conviction, they claim.

If you watch Macron, his entire agenda surrounds making France somehow relevant again using various gimmicks (instead of actually building things of value). His insane statements about the Ukraine he’s been making lately are the most obvious example. But under his rule, he’s also attempted to bring French culture even more in-line with that of the Americans as a way to demonstrate that France is ready to be a leader in this new world order.

I’m not at all surprised he’s now endorsing lunatic “positive consent” laws that basically mean you have to ask a woman if she will permit you to have sex with her (which is a real mood-killer).

Just to restate for anyone new here: actual rape is impossible without physically harming the woman. You basically have to punch her in the face and/or seriously choke her. (That one is tricky because a lot of women/all women like being choked.) The only way to not physically harm her is to hold a gun or a knife to her head and tell her you’ll kill her. Technically, a third method would be surreptitiously drugging her, and then carrying her someplace and having sex with her while she’s passed out. (But women voluntarily take so many drugs that this one is hard to prove.)

Basically: there shouldn’t be laws against against “rape.” There should be laws against physically assaulting women, threatening them with guns, and secretly drugging them. There are, in fact, already laws against all of those things.