Alex Jones: “Most Censored Man” Does Publicity Tour on World’s Biggest Platforms

Okay, well. This is nothing like what I wanted. I mean, it’s funny, but the censorship and the roulette wheel nature of BING is really starting to get to me. There is no reason it shouldn’t look like I want it to look. It has the ability to make what I want. Please buy me a GPU, I’m switching to Stable Diffusion.

Alex Jones spends $92,000 a month on food. At the current rate, that is more than the total crypto value of the Daily Stormer’s entire annual gross, while being less than the site costs to operate.

While I think it is a bit scummy that Jones markets snake oil and makes tens of millions a year while also claiming to be fighting for the truth while also claiming that Israel doesn’t bomb hospitals and Hamas and the Chinese are really the bad guys, that’s not what gets to me.

People are complaining about my new style (which is not even used in every article and is also heavily praised by many much smarter people), saying it is hard to follow. Well, maybe try listening to Alex Jones. It’s very easy to follow, because every sentence exists in a vacuum. A sentence does not connect to another sentence. It’s just various declarations, which don’t even necessarily follow a theme, other than paranoia and advertisement. It’s also extremely repetitive. It’s bizarre post-modern art.

If Alex was a writer, a paragraph would look like this:

They are turning pigs into humans in these laboratories and the Chinese are directly involved. We have never been more under attack and we need your support. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat Mexican food. Hitler didn’t even do this. My dad knew the scientists who worked on the technology. I saw this woman and it was like cherry cola bubbles were oozing from her eyelids. I’ve studied the history and I have the documents where they say they pluck the kid’s heel at birth and then they use that DNA sample to target them with the bioweapon. These have the nutrients, directly from the source. You see them smiling and you just know, man, that is pure evil. I just don’t know if I can go on anymore. I was right. The Chinese funded Black Lives Matter. I need your support. God sends me messages. We are four, maybe three years from total oblivion, when the eugenics cartel is finally gonna have their way. This is how it works, folks, and they don’t want you to know, so that is why we are under attack. FDR collected them. People think I’m exaggerating and what that is is a mechanism in their brains where they’ve been programmed to laugh at the truth. Dogs won’t even eat it. They know we are winning. It’s just everywhere, so what are you gonna do? We are under attack; this is a red alert. The Chinese designed it and worked with the Rockefellers directly, on record. When you see them, they look like these shuffling creatures. The air: you can’t even breathe anymore, because you can just taste the evil from what they are doing to our children. No one is as censored as we are, because we tell the truth, and that’s why you need to support us. A real man doesn’t act like that. Grapes are not supposed to have this much sugar. I didn’t think they would do it, but they did. There were six, seven of them in the parking lot, and I’m looking around, because I don’t know what’s going on. Do you know what they’re doing to your kids? According to NBC from official documents, they are modifying your DNA on purpose to make you a good little slave. They took me to the laboratory. Hitler used to do this. My dad used to have meetings with the guy who invented it. Okay, we gotta go to break, because believe me, folks, we need the funding for the war we’re fighting against the globalists, and when I get back I will show you the official report showing that the Chinese knew that the bioweapon would mutate.

Actually, now that I did the exercise, that actually is a little bit like my recent writing. Maybe this should be a time for reflection.

But that’s not the point here. I’m not the one on trial.

By the way, I purposefully avoided the obvious tropes – “Arabs own Hollywood” and so on. It seemed like it would take away from the artistic value of the paragraph if I was gobbling up low-hanging fruit. I was going for tone. But he says at least once an hour that the Arabs and/or the Chinese run Hollywood. I watched the first 1o minutes of the Tucker Carlson interview and he said it. I don’t remember if he said Chinese or Arabs – he switches back and forth. Seriously, it’s not a joke that he says it every hour. The show is a loop.

I’m not against Alex Jones.

There is something anti-American about having extremely strong anti-AJ sentiment, in my view. Not because he does all that patriot stuff. Or, maybe because of that in part, but not for the straightforward reason.

So, I don’t know if I can go so far as to say I support Alex Jones, because he is literally a Jewish shill. But I will say I’m against anyone who is against him.

However, I am against him because of this stolen valor issue. This is why I wrote all of that negative stuff about him. He gets really agitated when I do this. I don’t really want to agitate him. I think he has a guilty conscience over the shilling, and I don’t want to be the bad guy and make him less likely to repent.

But the record must be clear: Andrew Anglin is the most censored man ever on earth.

Alex Jones went on Tucker Carlson, and they both claimed he was the most censored man. Both of them know all of the details of my situation. I literally warned Alex Jones that if he didn’t talk about what was happening to me, he’d be next. I offered terms of a full ceasefire, where I would stop criticizing this bullshit where he replaces the word “Jew” with Globalist/Chinese/Arab/etc. if he would be part of a campaign defending free speech and talk about what happened to me. Instead, he never mentioned it at all – Paul “Double Name” Watson, who worked for him at the time, responded with a weak tweet. Tucker Carlson actually did do multiple pieces on me, and I’ll never forget that (but if someone does you one favor, that doesn’t last forever and excuse everything else they do for the rest of your life).

The Tucker show was lobbying to get Alex back on Twitter, which then happened – and then Alex went on Elon’s podcast!

(Just a quick 9.9 million listens. No biggie.)

Firstly: someone might think AJ is bigger than me, and that’s why he gets the title. But that’s not really even true. Alex Jones is in the media more than me because the media isn’t allowed to even report on me. I used to be on the front page of Yahoo and Google News at least once a week. A think tank published a paper explaining that I was manipulating the media, and they stopped covering me. I’m thankful for it, honestly, but people seem to judge “popularity” by media coverage. My site never gained traffic from media coverage and never lost it from losing media coverage. I lost traffic because of Google deranking, blocking links to my site on social media, and the constant domain seizures, but as a basic matter, I have more readers now than I have ever had, because I do still slowly gain readers through word of mouth and over the last few years through Telegram, where they allow my links. Everyone knows who I am, the same as everyone knows who Jones is. He obviously has more exposure than me, but the point is: that is because of the censorship.

The proof of my popularity was that one time when the domain switched, Google hadn’t banned the new domain, and I ended up at the top of Google News, worldwide, with a throwaway post.

See: Millions of People View Daily Stormer Picard Review on Google News, CNN Gets It Shut Down

Alex Jones is censored from social media, like thousands or tens of thousands of people.

He has not been banned from:

  • Domains (.com)
  • Cloudflare and all their competitors (the reason the site is down so often is I don’t have Cloudflare or any of the replacements and have to use some bizarre service that is otherwise only used by spammers or other criminals)
  • Processing VISA cards (this is a big one)
  • Having a personal checking account (I can’t have a personal checking account at all, lol – that means I can’t even like, shop on Amazon or pay a utility bill; it’s crypto or cash, for everything, ostensibly for the rest of my life)
  • Links on social media (on both Facebook and other social media, if you post a link to my site, it blocks it or you get suspended)
  • Appearing on other people’s shows or posting clips on social media
  • Twitter (yeah, he’s newly back, but I’m still banned)

Calling Alex Jones the most banned person is lunacy. He does not even come close.

Nick Fuentes is banned from several of the things on that list (but not domains or Cloudflare).

8chan/Jim Watson was both banned from both Cloudflare and multiple domains. I assume he was also VISA banned (a lot of people are VISA banned).

Ricky Vaughn is on a completely different scale, because he got banned from all social media, then doxed by an FBI informant, then indicted and sentenced to prison for making a meme.

Then you have Kiwi Farms/null, who is banned from Cloudflare, and I think banned from at least one domain, maybe more.

The thing about Alex’s situation that makes it more than just a social media ban is that he was sued on some trumped-up bullshit and then issued default judgements for millions of dollars (even though he was cooperating with the court). But that has happened to other people, and apparently, if you’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s pretty easy to avoid a civil judgement. These things are incredibly difficult to enforce unless the person is working at Walmart or something where they can cut it out of their paycheck.

This is a Contest

People are like “it’s not a contest.” Actually, it is a contest, and I win. “Alex Jones is the most censored man on earth” is a demonstrably false statement, meaning he is a liar, Tucker Carlson is a liar. Elon Musk is probably also a liar, though I didn’t listen to the show (Elon lies about other things also).


It’s good Twitter unbanned Alex Jones. I support it.

Maybe it means I’m going to be unbanned soon.

I was unbanned for two months, and was getting a lot of followers even though I was literally saying nothing interesting because I was trying not to cause problems, then I got banned for masturbating to a picture of a guy’s wife. I wasn’t even banned for speech, but rather for an act of autoeroticism that is not mentioned anywhere in the Twitter ToS.

The woman was like 40 years old and mid. I only even masturbated to the picture to prove a point.


The nature of the censorship crisis here is that all of the readers are regular readers. Most people have readers coming in and out, but everyone who reads this site has to type it into the address bar (or click the bookmark). This is extremely unique.

It’s been interesting to adjust to this and to figure out ways to keep the site interesting. Viral content is very easy as a way to get eyes on your site, but there is no possibility of that. However, my readership is massive, considering the fact that I’m being compared to sites where 95% of the clicks are not daily readers.

I am also the most influential person on earth.

Right now, my readership is more or less the same as, by the way. He might have 20-30% on me (it’s hard to tell). But of course, that’s not a fair metric, because Infowars is news site, which is just an accompaniment to his main gig, which is his show.