German Economy in Tatters

Total economic collapse is a small price to pay for forcing children in the Donbass to become trannies.

There is no suffering that is too great to handle when we are talking about the bounty of democracy.


The German economy will remain stagnant in the second half of the year as it continues to grapple with the fallout from a winter recession, Bloomberg reported on Monday.     

According to a survey conducted by the outlet in early August, economic output in Germany shrank in the second quarter and will stall in the three months through September, marking a deeper-than-expected decline.

The EU’s largest economy will be the only G7 member to face a contraction this year, the International Monetary Fund previously predicted.

The forecast for the German economy has been revised downwards with expected growth of just 0.1% in the fourth quarter, as domestic demand and the expectations of exporters have both weakened, according to Bloomberg.     

German industry is struggling amid weaker demand from China, shortages of qualified workers, tighter monetary policy, and the protracted fallout from the energy crisis, the outlet noted.     

Get more qualified workers from Africa!

They are a huge resource waiting to be tapped!

And after Victoria Nuland starts a war there, you’re going to have tens of millions of them on your streets anyway!


Part of this is obviously the remaining fallout from that lunatic coronavirus hoax. But a lot of it, particularly in Germany, has to do with the war and the fact that the Bidens blew up Germany’s pipes.

The lack of international demand for German goods (which are mostly “luxury goods” or at least in the same realm as luxury goods) is largely a result of the coronavirus hoax.

Further, China is the richest country and the country most likely to buy German goods, and the US has created a bunch of problems for them. China is also encouraging people to buy local, and attempting to produce their own luxury products for domestic consumption, mostly in response to the aggression from the West.

Anyway, none of this is a natural economic crisis. It’s all caused by the Americans, apparently on purpose.