Spain: Olive Oil Will Soon be a Gourmet Product

Medieval peasants could afford olive oil.


Spanish authorities are sounding the alarm over olive oil prices, which continue to rise and may eventually turn this Mediterranean staple into a “gourmet product,” the newspaper El Mundo reported, citing sources in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Olive oil from Andalusia soared to €8.20 ($8.90) per liter last week, marking the highest price ever recorded for Spanish olive oil, according to data from Mintec, representing a 115% year-on-year increase. Meanwhile, the price surge continues.

“The market takes it for granted that prices will keep rising until at least the end of the year,” the outlet noted, adding that extra virgin prices are expected to reach €10 per bottle by autumn.

Shelf prices for olive oil in a number of Spanish supermarkets have already surged to €8.50 per liter making the product almost unaffordable for middle-class households, the outlet said.

Yeah, if you can’t afford olive oil, you’re not “middle class.”

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At least the Ukraine is a vibrant democracy that is able to force its will on the country’s Russian population.

That’s what really matters.

Oh, and you didn’t die from a virus that was really killing everyone.

So you can just cook with carcinogenic vegetable oil (that is basically like eating plastic).

In general, Americans don’t appear to be aware of how bad things are in Europe.