Patriarch of the Russian Church Says Moscow Needs to Clear Out These Immigrants

I’ve been saying this forever: these Moslems need to go back to their enclaves. They have their own areas. They should stay there instead of hanging out on the streets of Moscow.

Most of them aren’t even working. The Chechens aren’t working. They just hang out in public places talking loudly like black people.

This is the number one issue people have with Putin. The democracy guy who faked his own poisoning, Alexei Navalny, was a neo-Nazi. (Sort of a weird situation, having the Western-backed opposition be a neo-Nazi, but it’s a similar thing in the Ukraine.)

Cyril wouldn’t say this without Putin’s permission.


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has expressed his concerns over the country’s influx of migrants, saying “the whole Russian world ‘is under threat’” until the country’s immigration policy is revised.

Patriarch Kirill said ethnic enclaves are emerging and actively developing in the largest cities of Russia, creating breeding grounds for corruption, organized crime and illegal immigration.


I know.

During the World Russian People’s Council, the patriarch said experience had proved that it was impossible to “come to terms with national diasporas and clans, who are ready not only to stand up for [one of their own] in order to save him from fair punishment under the law, but also to take revenge in every possible way on everyone who dares to appeal to law enforcement agencies when reporting a crime.”

The Patriarch suggested using the experience of other countries facing similar challenges in solving immigration problems. He has been critical of the idea of “embracing the consequences” of unregulated and unlimited arrivals, saying that many simply regard them as the side-effects of “the import of foreign labor” while admitting that it would be difficult for the Russian economy to cope with all the challenges it faces without the additions to the workforce.

He said that the unregulated mass influx of migrants who don’t speak Russian, lack proper understanding of the country’s history and culture, traditions and customs, and are therefore unable and often unwilling to integrate into Russian society end up altering the looks of Russian cities, leading to the deformation of the legal, cultural and linguistic norms of the country.

One can’t help but notice that this is quite a bit different than what the Pope is saying, no? The Pope, who is a homosexual and worships Satan, is calling for a massive influx of Moslems from everywhere, and wants to give them citizenship and free everything forever.

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But the problem in Russia is that most of these Moslems aren’t really even immigrants, which creates a conundrum under the modern system of nation-states. Most of them have Russian passports, and even the ones that don’t are from countries that were formerly a part of Russia.

In the USSR, you had to use a passport to get on a train to go to Moscow from Chechnya or Dagistan or whatever. I don’t know if you could use that system now, but I don’t really see why you couldn’t.

Anyway – we have to get these people out of Moscow. There are too many of them. They have to go back. They are ruining the country.