Germany: Pedophiles Revolted That Kids Can’t Legally “Change Gender” Before 14

In Germany, there is an actual pedophile lobby that goes and stands next to the tranny lobby.


A notorious German pedophile lobby group has endorsed the new gender self-identification law, stating that “trans kids” are “politically important” for advancing pedophile rights. Krumme-13, also known as K13, are also directing its members to watch a movie about an 8-year-old boy who is transitioned to live as a “girl.”

On October 4, K13 published an announcement on its website regarding a film that was set to be screened on television. The movie, Simply Nina, was initially released in 2022 and featured the story of a child “rebelling” against their body.

According to the film’s synopsis on the Hamburg Filmfest’s website, the 8-year-old main character, Nina, is “convinced that a mistake was made at birth” and “plucks up her courage and informs her family that she has always felt like a girl and would like to live as one.” Nina is portrayed by male child actor Arian Wegener.

What are the odds the kid got the role because his name is “Arian?”

K13 offers praise for the film, which they noted was being screened on television on October 6. They continue that “the issue of transsexual children is currently of great political importance,” and mention the newly-passed draft of Germany’s new gender self-identification bill. The bill is intended to make it significantly easier for people to change their name and sex, something they will be able to do once per year with no medical documentation needed to demonstrate the individual is transitioning.

In their announcement, K13 notes that “minors from the age of 14” will be allowed to change their name and legal sex with the consent of their guardians or, if their parents will not consent, the permission of a family court. But K13 suggests the age proposed for gender self-determination is too high.

“Why is gender identity also politically important for pedophiles/pedosophists?” K13 asks. “Gender and sexual identity does not only begin on the 14th birthday, when the so-called protection age limit ends. Children can and want to experience their childhood sexuality self-determined beforehand.”

The post continues: “Child sexuality as a whole must no longer be a taboo. Because pedosexual relationships are not conceivable without self-determined child sexuality.”

Pedophiles have always been well organized in Germany…