Egypt Moves Troops to Gaza Border to Prevent Palestinians from Leaving

This is what everyone knew would happen!

The Egyptians are locking everyone in!

There is no way out of Gaza!

It’s a killing field!

The Jews want to kill all 2 million people as revenge for a few hundred of their own dead!

Jews believe that a million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail!

The Guardian:

Egypt is stepping up its military presence at its Rafah border crossing with Gaza, with fears that Israel intends to push hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees over the frontier into the Sinai desert.

Cairo has said the expulsion of so many Palestinians from their homes would be in breach of international law, and a national security risk for Egypt that is liable to bankrupt the country’s ailing economy. Palestinians themselves, and other Arab states, fear refugees would never be allowed back to their homes.

Israeli diplomats deny their goal is to expel Palestinians from Gaza as they fight Hamas, although the defence minister, Yoav Gallant has said the plan is to “eliminate everything”. Another minister, Gideon Sa’ar, has said Gaza “must be smaller at the end of the war”.

Danny Ayalon, a former Israeli ambassador to the US, said Egypt should take people temporarily. “There is a huge expanse, almost endless space in the Sinai desert just on the other side of Gaza,” he said.

The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, discussed the possibility Israel forcing Palestinians over the border with the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, on Sunday, his second visit to Riyadh in his crisis round of shuttle diplomacy. Blinken is expected in Cairo later on Sunday.

All Arab states are opposed to the move and warn it may lead to a regional war, but if the expulsions go ahead they may have no choice to help fund the establishment of refugee camps. Most Palestinians in Gaza have relations who were expelled in 1948, and fear that a further mass expulsion could represent the death knell for aspirations of a Palestinian state.

The Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said on Thursday that Palestinians in Gaza must “stay steadfast and remain on their land.”

The Turkish foreign minister, Hakan Fidan, said he was in full agreement with Egypt. Speaking in Cairo he said: “I repeat once again that we are inviting Israel to comply with international law. We are against the displacement of Palestinians. We will never approve of the policy of expulsion to Egypt.”

The Egyptian foreign minister, Sameh Shoukry, meeting his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, on Saturday also stressed that he would not allow foreign nationals trapped in Gaza, including US citizens waiting by the Rafah gate, to leave unless Israel allowed aid convoys into the territory. The refusal is one of the few bargaining chips that Sisi has.

Egypt, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have contributed to an aid convoy of 143 trucks for use by the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees (Unrwa) that are waiting to go into Gaza, but the main crossing remains closed. Local hospitals are also being prepared for the wounded.

The people of the world are rallying, but the Jews don’t care!

They have no concern for optics!

They want the whole world to witness them slaughter millions of people! They think it’s funny!

The hands of the Egyptians are just as bloodied now!