Germany: Politicians, Media Call for Boycott After Country’s Top Dairy Baron Meets with AfD Leader

Every single business leader in Germany should be meeting very publicly with the anti-war party, the anti-Americanist party.

You can say what you want about the peasants. Probably, they are legitimately just totally emotional and incapable of processing the absurdity of all of this, because they just naturally believe the hype.

But business leaders are smart people.


One of the richest men in Germany is now openly meeting with the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the move has led to calls for a boycott from left-wing Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and the country’s main establishment parties.

Theo Müller — who owns some of the most popular food brands in Germany, including Mülllermilch, Weihenstephan, and Landliebe — stated that he held talks with AfD co-chairwoman Alice Weidel several times. He is considered one of the first major business figures to openly make contact with the AfD, and Germany’s establishment parties, including the Christian Democrats (CDU) and Free Democrats (FDP), are backing calls for a boycott.

Müller is estimated to be worth over €4 billion, and his meeting could pave the way for other business leaders to openly back the AfD.

It is now “up to business to take a clear stance here,” said Faeser after Müller defended the AfD, saying the party does not have an extremist platform and has nothing to do with National Socialism, an ideology that Müller rejects.

This guy is apparently pretty hardcore. They tried to kidnap him at gunpoint in 1995, and he escaped by jumping out of a car and then went to work as usual.

Faeser claims that the “climate of division and resentment that the AfD is fomenting” is deterring skilled migrants from coming to Germany. She said businesses must distance themselves from the AfD or right-wing ideology and parties will enjoy a “creeping normalization.” She also said there is a responsibility “especially from (companies) who employ tens of thousands of people, many of whom have a migration background.”

Faeser’s call for a boycott was backed by SPD leader Saskia Esken as well as the CDU, FDP, Greens, and CSU. CDU’s General Secretary Martin Huber said: “It must be clear to every entrepreneur and every employee: The AfD is damaging Germany.”

FDP General Secretary Bijan Djir-Sarai said that companies must now “clearly identify the dangers posed by the AfD.”

However, Germany’s establishment parties may have a strong incentive to go on the offensive against Müller and make an example of him, as many of the AfD’s policies, including ending sanctions on Russia to regain access to cheap energy, halting the green energy revolution, and reducing the bureaucratic and tax burdens on businesses, may be appealing to many of Germany’s industrial leaders.

As Remix News reported just yesterday, bankruptcies are soaring in Germany, and the country’s business class has accused the ruling government of moving to “deindustrialize” the German economy with its policies.

So why don’t they do something?

The business elite – the people who actually produce shit, and are rich because of it – are the natural aristocracy of a modern industrial society. They have to be smarter and less volatile than the normal peasant, or they wouldn’t be rich.

They don’t have to go out there and go full on “wooden doors???”, but they have to be able to say “look, this Hitler stuff, guys… we gotta quit talking about this as an explanation for why we do everything we do. Whatever anyone thinks the point of that is, we can’t just collapse our economy and start a war with Russia ‘because Hitler.’ We gotta tighten this shit up.”

It shouldn’t be one business leader talking to the AfD, it should be every single one. If you build these companies, and become wealthy because of it, with the nation depending on you, you aren’t allowed to say “well, I guess I’ll just let my business be destroyed, because after all, we have to fight a war with Russia because Dr. Mengele was changing the eye color of the Jews.” If you assume the role of business leader, if you become rich because of it, you have a responsibility to the people, to your employees and your consumers.

That’s why they want to make an example of the one guy doing it – because they should all be doing it. I don’t know the number of “billionaire industrialists” in Germany, but I know there are quite a few, and I know that as rich men, they have a duty to the people and to the country.

Most people in Silicon Valley have called bullshit on the Ukraine agenda. Well, maybe not most, but a lot of them have, and they are endorsing the Republicans. Many of our industry leaders (many more than in Germany) are actually Jews, so it’s a bit more complicated.

But every business leader in every country has a duty at least to protect the economy. Henry Ford and others obviously imagined them as having more duties than that, and I think they should have more duties than that, but they at least have that duty.