Germany: Study Shows Sane People are a Small But Growing Minority

If Germany flips, we’re going to see some changes on this stupid earth.

The Guardian:

Rightwing extremist and anti-democratic attitudes are becoming increasingly widespread in Germany, according to a study examining the public’s political views.

Commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is closely affiliated with the Social Democratic party, the study showed that 8% of the population had a distinctly rightwing extremist view of the world, a rise of between 5% and 6% on previous studies, while the “centre middle” was becoming “ever more receptive to misanthropic positions”.

Friedrich Ebert was a social democrat politician during the Weimar Republic. He’d probably be called a “far-right extremist” if he were around today.

The findings also showed that an increase, to 6% of those questioned, advocated social Darwinist views, agreeing with the statement “there are worthy and unworthy lives”, up from 2% to 3% since 2014.

More people than in previous studies – 15.5% – considered themselves to be “right of centre”, while 55% saw themselves as “exactly in the centre”, compared with 60% or above in the previous decade.

Those desirous of a single-party and authoritarian led state (the word used in the study was führer), rose from between 2% and 4% in 2014 to 2021, to 6% now.

Once that particular number hits 10%, you’re going to see some serious shit.

(In theory, of course.)

The 400-page study, carried out by researchers at the University of Bielefeld, questioned 2,000 people at the start of 2023, who represent a cross-section of the population.

An increasing number said they saw the need for Germany to put itself first in national matters, with 16% saying they would like the country to have a “stronger sense of national identity” led by politicians whose priority it should be to ensure Germany has its fair share of “power and prestige”.

This is something the majority of people in most countries on earth would tell you they want if you asked them, but in Germany just 16% of them are saying it is a “cause for concern.”

Less than 60% said they had faith in democracy and institutions, with 20% – a rise of 4% – believing in the statement “our country increasingly resembles a dictatorship rather than a democracy”, while almost a third said the statement “the governing parties are deceiving the people” rang true, and a similar number said they believed that politicians and the media were “in bed together”.

More than a third believe that refugees came to Germany only in order to exploit its social welfare system, while 16.5% accused Jewish people of wanting to “take advantage” of the Nazi past – despite the fact that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Other parts of the study showed further antisemitic positions, or at the very least ambivalence over the issue.

Firstly, six million Jews were not murdered by the Nazis. That is retarded and totally disproven.

Secondly, even if that had happened – how would that mean that it is somehow impossible for the Jews to “take advantage” of that fact?

Every single person accused of a heinous crime has their lawyers do an entire bit about how bad their childhood was. This is every single murder case. Look it up if you’re not already aware of it. Every time someone is on trial for murder or some other crime, the lawyer, as a matter of procedure, does a whole thing about how bad the childhood was.

Can you imagine the media saying “the jury thinks the man should go to prison for killing those nine people – despite the fact that he was raised by a single mother and was sexually abused by several of her boyfriends”?

“But bad things happened to me though” is never considered a viable excuse for crimes.

And again: the Holocaust did not even happen, so it’s a moot point.

People become nationalistic when everything else fails because everything else always fails