Chicago Teens / Youths / Thugs / Assholes / Brutes (Def Not “Niggers”) Attack and Rob Man Enjoying Pizza Slice (LONG ARTICLE)

See: Hot New Euphemism for Blacks: “Brutes”

You think it’s safe to eat pizza in Chicago, retard?

Maybe you haven’t heard about the problem with brutes.

New York Post:

A Chicago man enjoying a slice of pizza was savagely beaten and robbed by two brutes in a brazen daylight attack caught on camera Monday — a day before the House Judiciary Committee visited town to hear testimony about how “soft-on-crime” policies have turned the Windy City into an “active warzone.”

The victim, an unidentified 33-year-old, was walking down a residential alleyway in Bucktown around 2:55 p.m. when two males ran up to him from behind and delivered a brutal sucker punch to his head.

Collapsing face-first into a chain-link fence, the victim cried out in surprise as his assailants began to rain blows down on him with their fists and their feet.

“What the f**k!” he could be heard yelling. “Get the f**k off me! Asshole!”

I would have said the n-word.

But that can turn an assault into a homicide.

I guess if you relaxed, and ended up in this situation, you’re supposed to continue relaxing.

As the victim tried to resist, the brawl spilled across the alleyway and he managed to bring one of the attackers to the ground — until the other assailant began stomping him with his feet.

“Just let it go, let it go” the attackers were heard saying as they tried to peel away the victim’s backpack, even as a car across the street blared on its horn in an apparent attempt to distract them.

The thieves eventually got hold of the bag and what appeared to be a cell phone — but still delivered one final stomp before calmly walking away.

There has been a disturbing 29% increase in major crime — including murder, sexual assault, robbery, theft and aggravated battery — so far this year, compared to the same period in 2022, according to data from the Chicago Police Department.

Robberies specifically are up 24% this year, compared to the same period last year.

Since 2019, there has been a staggering 54% increase in major crime across the city, according to the data.

Maybe I’ve told this story before, but it’s been a while: one time I was in Virginia as a teenager and I had been drinking and a black guy held a knife to my throat. He acted like he was my friend, we were walking at night and just talking, then stopped like he was checking something in his pocket so I would walk in front of him, and then I had a knife to my throat. He said “you said that shit about black people,” referring to something I had said earlier when he’d invited me down an alley to a side-street black bar – I said “bro, no offense, but I’m not walking down a dark alley with a bunch of black people.” He’s holding a knife at my throat whining about this, and I’m thinking “well – point proven.”

So he had this knife to my throat, and I was a very problematic youth in those days, and I said “you gonna do it, pussy? Do it you fucking nigger.” Obviously, he didn’t do it. Instead he ran the knife across my scalp and I had to get staples.

There were several events like that in my teen years, where I stupidly risked my life, and God kept me alive. Some of them were even stupider, to the point where I will not publish them. Maybe posthumously I’ll publish a “confessions.”

Anyway, the point of this story – which is the same as the point of all my stories – is that women are worse than black people. I went to the hospital because my head was really bleeding and they did the staples. I am a very smart person, so I did not give them my name. I’m not paying for that shit, I thought. This is society’s fault for letting these apes behave this way. Society should pay for these staples.

You know what they did? They sent a sexy nurse in to talk sweet to me, and then ask me for my phone number. That was used to identify me, and they sent me a bill for $6,000. The black fella with the knife took about $60. The woman hit me for 100 times that. I didn’t pay it, of course. I never really got into the financial system in America to the point where it mattered, because I became a vagabond and then an internet celebrity.

But seriously: the black was more honest and direct, and he went for a lot less money than the woman. We need a Congressional committee to investigate women.

As far as the Congressional committee to investigate weak policing – this is really a stupid waste of time.

Firstly, it’s not a matter of funding. There was some “defunding” in 2020, but most cities – including Chicago – raised police spending in 2021. In several cities, the funding is much higher than it was in 2019.

Chicago has eliminated cash bail, which certainly doesn’t help. As I understand it, this means you can just keep committing murders and never go to prison. For any crime other than first degree murder (and maybe some types of “rape”), they just release you and tell you to come back for court to be sent to prison. Obviously, no one is showing up to court to go to prison. But then if they are arrested again, they are released again. Right? That’s how I understand it. It makes a warrant have no purpose, because they can’t do pretrial detention, so the only possible way to be sent to prison is to actually show up for the trial.

Here is a quick NBC breakdown of the Illinois “no cash bail” situation. It’s very much shilling for it by playing up the judge’s discretion in sexual and gun related cases, but even if you kill someone with a gun, it appears that you are just going to be released. Definitely if you stab someone to death you will be released. If you read that closely, it appears to be saying that even first degree murder doesn’t necessarily result in pretrial detention. I could go read the Illinois Supreme Court ruling and some more detailed analysis of it, and maybe I will at some point, but we all get the basic thing here: Soros-type state and city governments are legalizing violent black crime. That doesn’t relate to policing. The police do not run the court system; these are separate entities. The Chicago Police – which are run by the blacks – are really against the Democrat city/state government’s policies of legalizing crime.

The problem that does relate to policing is the fact that the individual cops don’t want to police the blacks anymore, because they can be charged with murder and imprisoned simply for doing their job. Derek Chauvin is in prison right now, despite the fact that everything he did was following official procedure. I don’t think the knee on the neck killed George Floyd, but maybe it was a contributor to his death, for the simple reason that it would have increased stress on his body while he already had overdose level amounts of drugs in his system. Certainly if he’d not been on a lot of hard drugs, he would not have died.

But even if a cop does accidentally kill someone who is resisting arrest, then that’s the way the cookie crumbles. This can’t be considered a crime. If you can prove resisting arrest – which you definitely can from the George Floyd video – then it is just basic common sense that from that point, all bets are off. There have to be cops and the cops have to be able to enforce the law. If you’re not guilty and you’re being arrested, you will have a chance to prove your innocence in court.

You cannot have a society without violence. If there was no such thing as violent crime, then there would be an argument for not having cops that are allowed to do violence. But violent crime exists, and therefore law enforcement has to be legally allowed to use violence. This is the most basic fact of society that no one ever disagreed with until very recently. (The arguments for removing the ability of police to use violence were based on the claim that if police stopped using violence, black people would stop committing violent crime – that is retarded on its face, but it’s now been tried, and it didn’t work.)

I’m not currently a fan of the state cops, personally. I do think the system should be reformed. I am a fan of sheriffs, but given that state cops are de facto federal cops, we are arguably living in a police state – and it is arguable that black criminality, which is largely a result of drugs, specifically crack, which was largely shipped in in the 1980s by the CIA, was the basis for the police state. The relationship between state police and the federal government is probably unconstitutional. In fact, the relationship between every state government as a whole to the federal government is probably unconstitutional. If there was going to be police reform, it should relate to replacing state/federal police with expanded county sheriff’s departments. But this is all a whole massive issue, which does not relate to the issue of black criminality and the way it must be handled in any direct way.

The basic issue is that violent crime is very bad, and the first and foremost duty of any government is to ensure the physical safety of the individual citizen and his property. The police have a right to do this by any means necessary.

Dirty Harry was a fascist type of film series that was very popular in a time where violent crime was rising. Death Wish is another film series along the same lines. More recently, we’ve seen that The Punisher is a very popular action series. Normal people do not think criminals deserve “rights.”

Most people, probably, do not even believe that a violent criminal has a right to a trial – certainly, they don’t have a right to this drawn-out appeals system. In the Old West, there was a “hanging judge” (the concept is mentioned in my favorite Robert Zimmerman song). This is a situation where a criminal would be arrested, sleep in the jail, then be able to speak to a preacher in the morning before the judge declared him guilty and he was hanged at noon. He had a right to a preacher and hopefully a cigarette, but that was the extent of it. The right to “appear before a judge” was more or less a formality.

(Zimmerman was for sure overrated, but claiming he didn’t have a few good ones is a type of anti-Semitism too extreme even for me.)

This concept of extra rights for criminals is a social disease, like the acceptance of homosexuality or endless wars of aggression. The crime is not going to stop until police are given immunity from prosecution in the case of a suspect (nigger) resisting arrest. If it’s an extreme situation, like shooting a fleeing suspect in the back when there is no evidence he’s a danger, then maybe you can fire cops, but you can’t prosecute them for anything they do after the “resistance” begins.

Editor’s Note: People complain that I slip analysis type stuff into articles with benign news titles. I’ve always done this and I think it is fun and interesting. There are only 13-16 articles published per day on this website, so it’s really not hard to just click them all. But I put “long article” in the title of this one just to be safe. I think people will like the personal story I told. The rest of this stuff is pretty basic, but apparently not totally obvious.