Global Outrage as Dirty Jew Ben Shapiro Fires Queen of the Internet

Well, it has happened.

Candace Owens has been fired from Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire for standing up to the baby-killer Jews.

This was inevitable. I was surprised it took this long.

Jeremy Boreing, Shapiro’s partner, announced on Twitter that she was dropped.

When she was asked about her relationship with Ben Shapiro having degraded in the wake of October 7 and the Israeli child slaughter campaign, she claimed that “Ben is not my boss,” and that she had a good relationship with Boreing (who is not Jewish).

I don’t know exactly how the company is structured, but I know that Shapiro started the company and that he had the ability to force her out, regardless of whether or not Boreing is officially her boss.

The reason someone might want to keep her around is that she’s very popular, and she’s also married to a guy who is very wealthy, so having her tethered to the Daily Wire might keep her moderated.

Now, she’s off the plantation, so to say. She’s riding the underground railroad to freedom.

The last straw was apparently the interview she did a couple days ago with some lunatic rabbi.

She is definitely crossing the line from being anti-genocide into asking what exactly is going on with Jews in general. This is sort of the opposite of the track that Elon Musk took, where he was questioning American Jews because of their attacks on him, on freedom of speech, and on white people and the West, then used right-wing Israel Jews as an exit strategy, cozying up to them and acting like it is just “liberal Jews” that are the problem.

Both American freedom-hating Jews and Israel-lover baby-killer Jews are the problem. Jews, in general, are the problem. These Jews play all kinds of different games with ideology, but whether they are left-wing or right-wing, you will find yourself getting very seriously kiked by them in short order.

I didn’t use to say this, but I will now (maybe because I’m a middle-aged alcoholic with a brain tumor locked into a state of botched convalescence): it’s not necessarily “every single Jewish person” that is a problem. It is, however, every single Jewish person that is involved in “organized world Jewry” that is the problem.

You know, I have a lot of nasty things to say about black people, and about women for that matter, and Candace is now my hero. So, individuals exist and we can acknowledge that, but just as we talk about “the Italian Mafia” and “black gangs,” we need to be able to talk about “the Jewish Problem.” Because the Jews are the problem, and this whole “oh well, there are left and right Jews” thing is not working at all. It’s fine if you want to say “well, I know a Jewish guy who’s okay.” Frankly, they should be baptized if they are “okay,” but okay. Regardless, there is no group involved in “organized Jewry” that is not a problem, and organized Jewry spans a wide range of ideologies across the globe.

Candace was bringing this all together on her show. Before the rabbi interview above, she was building a case against the Jews in various different ways, including exposing the fact that basically all of the “Russian” communist mass murderers were Jewish. This is very smart for a popular figure like her.

The issue is: no one is going to deny the Holocaust any time soon. The game is to simply bypass it by telling the Jews to shut up and stop whining. In the longer term, people are going to have to address the fact that there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz, but that is a long game. Right now, we are getting very close to the point where people just start telling these Jews they’re tired of hearing about the Holocaust. When you build up the case that the Jews did much worse things to the Russians than the Nazis (supposedly) did to them, you’ve created a moral equivalency that can be used to silence Jewish Holocaust whining. If the Jews are morally equivalent to the Nazis, they don’t have any right to use “oh but the Nazis” as a shield.

You have to just tell these Jews to shut up and stop whining, you are tired of hearing about how they are such victims. We have to be able to address “the Jews” as being at the root of all of these problems. There is no choice. Either we start saying “The Jews,” or all life on earth will die.

It’s already starting to happen. I was watching Russian shill Scott Ritter on Judge Napolitano yesterday, and he said “people say that Israel controls American politics, but the truth, perhaps more controversial, is that American Jews use Israel as a means to shape American foreign policy.” This statement was made in regards to the Chuck Schumer condemnation of Bibi Netanyahu, which was run by AIPAC before he said it.

The only way any of what is going on in the world makes any sense is if you say “The Jews.” Everyone analyzing the situation already knows that. We just need brave people – conservatives, Russian shills, Chinese shills, Palestine defenders, incels – to start saying it aloud. That is happening. Candace will be a big part of this transformation, and blacks will be resented for her leading role in that transformation. But for life on earth to survive, that transformation must take place.