Gross Jew Governor of Hawaii Issues Global Warming Statement as Bodies Pile Up

The Jewish governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, is on a media tour talking about global warming.

Because of a forest fire in Hawaii.

No one actually believes that forest fires are not natural. No one makes that argument. If you ask them, they will just say “well, cow farts are making it worse.” But that is not quantifiable. There is not a full record of the regularity of wildfires in a particular territory, and we don’t have any ability at all to quantify how human intervention – basically, putting the fires out when they start – is increasing the intensity of the fires.

Saying this is related to carbon dioxide is absolute lunacy. I don’t even know what it means. If the air is 3 degrees hotter (like they sometimes claim), it makes it… easier for the fire to burn?

None of this stuff is ever explained, and if you look into it, the answers don’t make any sense at all. These people just make these assertions, and then constantly repeat them.

This Jew is trying to raise his profile here.

Who knows how that will work out for him.

He’s a pretty weird guy.