Good Stuff Coming – Just Wait!

Previously: Amidst Stalling AI Week, Anglin Begs for Aid, Claiming He Will Have a Hole Drilled in His Skull

If you’re here in the morning and you’re like “hey, this is all just filler – I thought the secret mystery of AI was to be revealed?”, then I implore you to relax and return this afternoon, when the ultimate truth will finally be made evident to all men.

Until then, how about sending an email to this address:

I will send you a reply of a new and fresh Bitcoin address, so as to better preserve your privacy.

For those who have already sent an email and not received a reply – take heed, I haven’t sent them yet. I am trying to automate it, because I get spam and crap. Regardless, I’ll reply to everything before the week’s end.

DO NOT send me an email there and expect a response. The only thing anyone is getting is an automated reply with a fresh Bitcoin address.

(For those who didn’t catch it: the site is underwater, losing money every month, because virtually no one sends Monero. I started using Monero as a privacy measure for the readers – who are all personal friends of mine – so people don’t get caught out and backtraced with Bitcoin. However, simply sending you individual addresses will make things a lot safer. Please send huge amounts of Bitcoin. Or, if you’re poor, at least send a little bit. You probably spend at least an hour a week on this site, so, I mean, come on. Help the war effort!)