Good Thing DHS Canceled Its Plan to Make a List of “Terrorist Supporter” Social Media Accounts

They didn’t cancel this program.

I can tell you that.

It’s just not public.

Because “national security.”


The US Department of Homeland Security operated a program that sought to automate the designation of social media users as “pro-terrorist” based on their use of certain keywords and interaction with other targeted users, according to documents obtained by the Brennan Center for Justice and published on Tuesday.

Project Night Fury, a partnership between the DHS and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, sought to assign potentially “pro-terrorist” accounts a “risk score” that would then affect other accounts they interacted with. The university had agreed to develop automated methods to determine whether an account linked to one already under surveillance was itself “pro-terrorist,” using criteria like “keyword set comparisons.” The algorithm, not a human, would determine whether a user could be labeled “pro-terrorist” for simply clicking “like” on a Facebook post or retweeting an account that had already received that label.

Despite the known limits of artificial intelligence when this system was being formulated in 2018, the entire process would have been automated, according to the documents. The university was assigned to build models to “identify key influencers of pro-terrorist thought” and create an automated system to uncover bots “programmatically generated to exert influence” to spread both “terrorist propaganda” and “foreign influence campaigns.” They would then compile a list of suspect accounts and turn them over to the DHS, along with their names, emails, phone numbers, pictures, and posts.

You see that heel turn?

It goes from “terrorists” – which we think of as a synonym for “Moslems” – to “foreign influencers” – which basically means “MAGA,” given that the security services determined that the only reason anyone would support Donald Trump is if they are a Russian agent or under the influence of Russian agents.

Just look at the cartoons in the Jew/CIA media.

Still one of the top five most popular posts I ever wrote was a satire piece about how every person who voted for Trump in 2016 was being controlled by a Russian mind-control beam from space.

See: Breaking: FBI Uncovers Evidence That 62 Million Trump Voters are All Russian Agents

That obvious joke article got “fact checked,” because leftists saw it and thought it was real.

Missing from the contracts were definitions for important concepts like what “pro-terrorist” actually meant – or what a “risk score” would measure, whether it was the risk of becoming a terrorist or merely sympathizing with one – or an explanation of how an automated process could make such distinctions absent clear-cut definitions. 

It’s also not clear how the program would have distinguished between terrorism-adjacent content and material related to drug trafficking and “disinformation,” which it also sought to track. As of the date of the contracts seen by the Brennan Center, the DHS hadn’t figured out how to quantify terrorist sympathies and was seeking assistance from university researchers to “identify relevant attributes.”

There is very little difference between the way the US government operates and the way the North Korean government operates, in terms of dealing with dissidents. The methods are different, but every dissident is neutralized.

The difference is that North Korea is based and redpilled and their dissidents are pro-American scum who deserve to be put up against the wall.

If we compare the US to China, China is actually much more lenient on dissidents than the United States. That is just an absolute matter of fact.

People very rarely go to jail for dissident thought, unlike in the United States which has a special political prison for Trump supporters. On the internet, it is extremely difficult to get banned in China. And if you do get banned, you can just get a new account, and then the government has to go through a whole new arduous process of filing all the papers to ban you again.

In recent years, Chinese incels have been mass-reporting feminists to the internet police for anti-social behavior, and though some of their sites and social media accounts have been shut down, they’ve been able to pop back up.

I think Americans have a really hard time processing this fact, but it is a fact that America’s war on dissent simply is not in the same category as China’s controls, and can only really be compared to “closed states” like North Korea or Cuba.

That’s real. It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s the truth.