ADL Adds FBI’s “13/50” Meme to Hate Database, Claims Internet is Evil for Reporting Crime Statistics

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2019

It was only a matter of time until our latest hate meme got exposed by the ADL. Another FBI crime statistic has now been consigned to the ranks of neo-Nazi bigotry by the Jewish watchdogs.

The number 13 used in conjunction with either the number 52 or the number 90 is a shorthand reference to racist propaganda claims by white supremacists against African-Americans to depict them as savage and criminal in nature.

In this numeric shorthand, the number 13 refers to the purported percentage of the U.S. population that is African-American. The number 52 refers to the alleged percentage of all murders committed in the U.S. that are committed by African-Americans. Some white supremacists use the number 50 instead of 52.

I did a quick search to find if they included 2% anywhere in their database. So far so good – they haven’t caught onto us yet. We’re in the clear to keep posting about the 13 and the 2 for now.

(2% is Jews)

The 2s will never catch on.

Similarly, white supremacists claim the number 90 refers to the percentage of violent interracial crime allegedly committed by African-Americans. Some white supremacists cite the 1994 National Crime Victimization Survey produced by the Justice Department as evidence for the percentage. However, this figure does not show up in the survey itself and is not considered an accurate one. In any case, it should be noted that the vast majority of violent crime is intraracial (committed by a person of one race against a person of the same race), not interracial, in nature.

White supremacists typically employ references to 13 (by itself), 13/50, 13/52 or 13/90 in response to social media posts, and in the comments sections of news stories about crimes in which the suspected perpetrator is African-American. In some instances, white supremacists use the numbers as a purported police radio code, using language like, “We have a 1390 in progress.” 

That’s a knee-slapper.

Never heard that one before, but now I’m going to have to start using it.

The problem here is that we looked at the data, and 13/52 is an FBI meme, not a White Supremacist one.

I mean, we’re not the ones compiling these statistics. We’re just posting about them on the internet.

However, the fact of the matter is that the ADL is right to condemn the 13/52 meme, because we know that while blacks are indeed about 13% of the population, it is the psychopathic males that do all the crime in that category – sheboons wilin’ out rarely results in death. Therefore, we further reduce the 13 to about… let’s say 6.

When you realize just how much of a problem feral black hoodrats are, well, you start realizing just how monstrous and all-encompassing the Jew lie network is that it is able to so thoroughly cover up this feral predation on Whites and make them too terrified to even mention it in polite company.

In actual fact, any objective analysis of the nature of crime leads one to conclude that “crime” is largely a myth. We don’t live in a Batman world where economic circumstances lead White people to spontaneous engage in niggatry willy-nilly. This is a farcical and totally liberal view of the world created by city Jews making comic books.

The truth is that crime is completely tribal in nature. 

It’s interesting to look at the origins of our understanding of crime. I always like to point out that the word “thug” in the English language is derived from the “Thuggee” tribe in India. These were psychopathic cult-killers who used deceit and guile to befriend travelers and then ritually torture them to death in the night.

While they worshipped a Kali death-goddess, they were originally descended from Moslem tribes (of course) until they were eventually largely exterminated by the British.

This just serves to highlight the fact that crime has always been organized around ethnic and religious lines. Furthermore, crime is just warfare by other means. Groups that are too weak to risk open confrontation prefer to resort to crime as a form of guerrilla warfare instead. It is important to start looking at it this way instead of seeing crime as somehow not on the same level as open, naked aggression on the battlefield. Crime is the guerrilla warfare of the 21st century, and we will be the hapless redcoats lined up in rows IF we don’t re-evaluate our understanding of how to deal with crime going forward.


The fighting-age males of the Inner-City Bantu tribes prefer to engage in looting and raiding with some rape mixed in. The fighting-age males of the Albanian mountain-nigger clan prefer to run weapons in Europe and prostitution rings. The fighting-age males of El Salvador join a psycho cult called MS-13 that kills for money and for Satan.

The only “crimes” that White people commit that end in blood are under the influence of alcohol (drunken brawl over a girl) or drugs (robbing a pharmacy for more drugs), or over an ex-wife (“that bitch thinks she can take MY house?”). These cannot really even be considered crimes according to the definition we now accept.

All this is to say that the Race War is already here, folks. 

White people are just not even aware that it is already happening all around them. Even if they do realize what is happening, they realize that the law does not protect them, and is used instead as shackles to hold White back from ever organizing a defense. This is where we are right now.

Understand this: we have to fight the decriminalization of crime.

This is the battlefield on which the Race War will be fought. And this is where the Jews are working overtime to steal a march on us. Everything from decriminalization of certain crimes, to letting felons out, to trying to BAN discussion of the racial nature of crimes – all of it is being done by the Jews.

Do you see why now?

And do you see why “Law and Order” has to be our rallying cry going forward?

White people absolutely love Law & Order. Just try and come out against it, Jews. If Law & Order gets cancelled, White people will be out rioting in the streets, lemme tell you that right now!