Greece: “Conservative” Prime Minister Wants to Legalize Anal “Marriage,” Let Faggots Kidnap Children

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The Guardian:

The Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, appears to be facing one of his most daunting challenges yet after a pledge to legalise same-sex marriage ignited fierce debate in the Orthodox Christian country.

Throwing his weight behind an issue still prone to provoke extraordinary emotion, not least among his own MPs, Mitsotakis acknowledged he would have to use his skills of persuasion to push through the reform as opposition mounted within his centre-right New Democracy party.

“I, and all those who believe in this legislation, must convince our parliamentarians and subsequently those who may still have a negative stance,” he said in his first interview of the year with the country’s public broadcaster ERT. “What we are going to legislate is equality in marriage, which means the elimination of any discrimination based on sexual orientation. It is not something radically different from what applies in other European countries.”

The leader’s intervention, six months after securing a second term in office with a landslide victory “to reform the country”, underscores just how sensitive the issue of gay rights remains in Greece. In a society regarded as one of Europe’s most socially conservative, Mitsotakis, who belongs to New Democracy’s moderate faction, not only faces the disapproval of his own deputies, but stiff resistance from the state’s powerful Orthodox church. Clerics have repeatedly warned that approval of same-sex marriage would be a first step towards the LGBTQ+ community assuming parental rights, going so far as to suggest it would lead to the dismantlement of Greek society.

“Children are neither pets nor accessories,” its governing body, the Holy Synod, said in a recent circular distributed to dioceses. “No social modernisation and no political correctness can trick the natural need of children for a father and a mother.”

The Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, who had previously threatened to excommunicate lawmakers if they voted in favour of legalising same-sex unions, went further, calling homosexuality “an abuse of the body” and a “great sin”.

Father Seraphim, Metropolitan of Piraeus

On Thursday the front pages of Estia and Dimokratia, two rightwing dailies, opined that the proposed law could threaten the government’s parliamentary majority and even prove to be Mitsotakis’ “Waterloo”.

But the prime minister, who said he had not only “read up and studied” the topic but given it a lot of thought, said Greece would not be legitimising surrogate parenthood.

“We won’t change the law on assisted parenthood,” he said, addressing the issue for the first time publicly on Wednesday evening. He emphasised that same-sex couples, just like straight people, could continue to adopt children. “The idea of women who are turned into child-producing machines on demand … that is not going to happen. We will not experiment with more advanced ideas.”

Weighing into the debate with its own proposed legislation earlier this week, the main opposition leftist Syriza party, which is led by Greece’s first out gay party leader, Stefanos Kasselakis, insisted that surrogacy should be considered an innate parental right.

Stefanos Kasselakis, faggot Soros agent parachuted straight into the presidency of Greece’s biggest opposition party 

Kasselakis, who assumed the helm of the party in September, made a point of marrying his longtime American partner, Tyler Mcbeth, in the US in October. Within weeks of his unexpected election to the party leadership, the former banker spoke of the couple’s desire to have children through surrogacy. “These are issues solved in other countries, but not in Greece,” the Greek American wrote on Facebook. “That’s why I entered politics. To stir stagnant waters, to awaken consciences, not to caress them in their sleep.”

Mitsotakis, who also faces opposition from leading cabinet ministers, said he had been moved to address the issue mainly because the children of gay people were not recognised under Greek law.

“There are children. I don’t think anyone doubts this reality: that homosexual couples have children and these children are not going to stop existing, they are not going to vanish. But these children do not have equal rights,” he said, highlighting the example of a non-biological mother in a lesbian relationship having no legal access to the couple’s child in the event of her partner falling ill. “She has no rights. The child will go to an institution … A child born abroad cannot become a Greek citizen because, very simply, we don’t recognise [same-sex] marriage in Greece.”

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