Faggots Trying to Flee Russia as Government Cracks Down on LGBTQ “Community”

Russia has gotten a whole lot of benefits from this war the US launched against them.

It’s been great for their economy, it’s been great for the society.

Among other things, Putin has been able to really up the ante on the anti-homo crackdown.

It’s glorious.

The Guardian:

The ink was barely dry on Russia’s decision to outlaw what it called the “international LGBT public movement” as extremist when masked police raided a bar in central Moscow where Vasili gathered with his friends on Friday nights for an LGBTQ+ party.

“It was a regular Friday evening until suddenly we saw the police storming in,” Vasili, who asked for his name to be changed because of safety concerns, recalled.

Vasili described how, along with about 100 others, he was ordered to face a wall while police searched visitors for drugs and photographed their passports.

The police claimed it was a drug raid, but everyone understood they raided the club because it was a queer night,” he said. “Standing against that wall, you realise how little rights you have as a gay person in this country.”

Why should you expect to have rights?

Gays don’t have rights in Moslem countries, and there is zero reason they shouldn’t be treated exactly the same in Christian countries. Christian and Islamic teachings on homosexuals are identical. (Or they were, before many Protestants and Pope Francis decided to go full anal. The Orthodox Church, however, maintains the same teachings on homosexuality as the Moslems.)

These faggots should be thankful they’re not getting thrown off roofs.

Why would they think they could have a faggot night at the club?

If they’re doing these acts in their rooms in secret, no one is going to break in and stop them. But when they are doing it in public places – this is illegal in Russia, okay? Russia is a Christian country.

At least two other LGBTQ+-friendly venues in the Russian capital were raided on the same evening of 1 December, less than 48 hours after the country’s top court, in a landmark ruling, banned what it called the “global LGBTQ+ movement” as an extremist organisation.

This is what it is.

It is an organization.

Homosexuality is a global cult.

While sexual minorities have faced a long history of social exclusion and prejudices in both the Soviet Union and its Russian successor, the Kremlin first opened its legal attack on Russia’s LGBTQ+ community in 2013, when Vladimir Putin signed the notorious law that banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” among minors.

But in big cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg, gay Russians and their allies still found ways to express themselves despite existing laws, with a vibrant LGBTQ+ party scene blossoming, one to which authorities largely closed their eyes.

Yeah, I know. Back in like 2016, in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg, I used to call the police when I saw gay flags in bar windows. Then I would wait and point at the flag and then point at kids on the street that could see it. Sometimes the cops would go in and it would be removed from the window and then be back the next day. No one ever got arrested.

No such shenanigans now. Now, they do spying on potential faggot hotspots and raid them.

Shit has gotten serious.

Before the [Ukraine] war, there was an understanding that inside one’s home or at a queer party you could still be yourself,” said Karen Shainyan, a prominent Russian gay rights advocate and journalist.

“We actually thought that attitudes towards sexual minorities were improving as more people were talking openly about queer topics,” Shainyan, who launched a popular LGBTQ+-themed YouTube channel in 2019, added.

Opinion polls also indicated that positive attitudes towards the queer community were gradually improving over the past five years, progress that Shainyan fears risks being undone.

“The war in Ukraine changed everything,” he said.



Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Ever since Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Russian leader launched a fresh effort to promote what he called “traditional values”, making anti-gay rhetoric one of the cornerstones of his political agenda.

The Kremlin is directly linking the crackdown on LGBTQ+ expression with its justification for the war, said Shainyan, telling its citizens that Russia was not only fighting Ukraine, but was involved in a broader, existential battle against western liberal values it often describes as “satanic”.

It’s so wonderful.

Last year, Putin signed a law that banned “LGBT propaganda” among adults, a bill that criminalised any act regarded as an attempt to promote what Russia calls “non-traditional sexual relations” – in film, online, in advertising or in public. In the aftermath of that law, bookstores and cinemas withdrew all content containing LGBTQ+ themes.

There will be less visible consequences as well, activists said, with institutional oppression harming the mental health of the queer community.

It is hard to comprehend the speed at which the crackdown is happening,” said the Russian queer performance artist Gena Marvin.

Both Marvin and Shanian left the country after the start of the war and are residing elsewhere in Europe. On the day of the 30 November extremism ruling, Shanian co-founded a LGBTQ+-focused media outlet called I Just Got Lucky to “unite Russian queers and provide them a platform of support”.

If Russia was the Ukraine, they would be blowing up the cars of faggots who fled the country and continue to promote Russophobia online.

I’m glad they don’t do that, though. Not because it wouldn’t be hilarious and justified, but just because doing assassinations in foreign countries would undermine Russia’s position on how the world should function.

They should, and probably have, requested extradition of these faggots, so they should face justice.

Many others from the queer community are also looking for a way out of the country, said Evelina Chaika, who heads the NGO Equal Post, which helps queer Russians relocate.

Chaika said her group registered a sixfold increase in requests for relocations since the supreme court’s “extremist” ruling.

We now receive an average of 12 requests on how to leave Russia an hour. More than 100 a day,” she said.

Run, faggots, run!

There’s no hope for your gay agenda in Russia!

Russia is a light unto the world!

Meanwhile, Putin has already signaled that sluts are next, as he is moving to ban abortion outright.

I feel very strongly that he should declare himself Czar and produce a secret son as his heir to the throne.

Monarchy, I believe, is the only Christian system of government.

That’s why I believe Elvis Presley should have been made King of America by Richard Nixon in 1972.

Instead of getting fat and dying from drugs because he was bored and depressed and having a midlife crisis, Elvis would have felt the weight of responsibility and produced a male heir with Linda Thompson and instead of living under faggot Jew communism right now, we would be living under the Glorious Reign of King Elvis II.


I know it is silly to talk about an alternative history where instead of resigning, Nixon would have ordered a plebiscite on surrendering all democratic rights and making Elvis the absolute monarch of America. But stranger things have happened, and it could have happened, and we could be living under King Elvis II, God’s anointed protector of the realm.

I’m Sorry I Ever Questioned Russia

As you may remember, I got banned from my beloved dailystormer.su website because I whined that the Russians were not invading the Ukraine fast enough, that the Minsk Accords were doomed, and any time spent waiting to invade was a waste. I also said that the Russians needed to be ready for total war.

Frankly, Putin has admitted I WAS RIGHT.

Still, it was not my place, and I regret it. If I could go back, I never would have expressed my frustrations publicly.

I do still think they should have just called me up and let me give my presentation.

But thankfully, it all worked out.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.